@midnight Power Rankings (Apr 4-7)

We're back from a week off for Easter, and it was kind of an odd week of shows. But Emo Phillips returned, and this time, clicked hard, with lots of weird, esoteric puns and jokes that worked with the questions and subject matter, not just weird tangents. Tiffany Haddish returned, and is always a delight to see.

1. Emo Phillips (Th)
2. Reggie Watts (Th)
3. Rachel Bloom (Th)
4. Jon Daly (M)
5. Tiffany Haddish (W)
6. Emily Fleming (M)
7. Chelsey Crisp (T)
8. Matt Braunger (M)
9. Randall Park (T)
10. Jamar Neighbors (W)
11. Affion Crockett (W)
12. Maria Thayer (T)

Each. Of the four shows brought something different to the table. Thursday's show was the best pure @midnight. Wednesay's show was the one for people who love fuckmiming. Monday was good if you like laughing, but not too much laughing, and Tuesay was great if you like watching the @midnight studio audience react raucously and not really understand why.

1. Thursday
2. Wednesday
3. Monday
4. Tuesday