Motherfucking Lucha Underground! (Apr 6)

So I forgot/didn't have time to talk about last week's wpisode with all the run-up to Wrestlemania, but it was basically a reset/new status quo episode. Highlights were the return of bands playing in the temple along with the return of Dario Cueto' Cueto saying "I didn't see you come in" after Catrina TELEPORTED INTO HIS OFFICE, and Pentagon Jr. Getting beaten badly by Matanza in a title defense. I wanted to say Pentagon got murdered there, but this is a world where Matanza has actually murdered people, so the hyperbole might be misleading.

This week's vignettes:

Dario cueto fucks with Vampiro over the fate of Pentagon Jr. Vampiro struggles internally, but eventually takes his anti-psychotics.

Reyes and Ryan: Undercover Cops! They report on Cueto's return and bicker and are ordered to win the Trio's championship in order to cozy up to Cueto because that's what wrestlingcops do!

Killshot gets a character promo. He's an ex black-ops sniper disowned by the government, a man with no name, fighting to forget. I'm fine with that.

Famous B, fresh from scouting talent throughout Aztec Warfare, wants Mascarita Sagrada (the mini) to be his client.

Mack asks Sexy Star to have his back because he's been partnered with Marty the Moth and Mariposa, but she refuses.

Dragon Azteca Jr. And Rey Mysterio discuss fighting for revenge vs. fighting for honor on the Temple roof. Rey reveals that they've been entered into the Trios tournament. Their partner? PRINCE PUMA! Who speaks!! For the first time in 50 episodes! He says "Me" and "Damn right we do.". OK, so now we know why they kept him quiet all that time, but still. A momentous occasion.

This week's matches:

Ivelisse vs. Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon has been a pretty big disappointment so far. She slithers around a lot, but it seems like she can't slither and wrestle at the same time. This is her best match by far. It's kept mostly to grappling and submissions, and Ivelisse is a pro, and made Moon look better than ever. Ivelisse wins, because she's Ivelisse, dammit.

Trios Tournament: The Crew and Joey Ryan vs. Marty The Moth, La Mariposa, and Willie Mack

This was some great booking. On one hand, you have the newly face-ish Crew teaming with Joey Ryan, who's over as hell with the crowd. And you've got the vignette backstory of Reyes/Castro and Ryan being undercover cops and also hating each other and also their alter egos hating each other because Joey Ryan's a huge dickweasel. And then on the other side, Dario Cueto pairs Willie Mack with his nemeses. The match folded all of this in, and after it ended, Sexy Star finally broke through her PTSD to beat Mariposa down to save Mack. Solid stuff all around.

Fenix vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto, Lucha Underground Champioship

Matanza's second title defense was much like the first - completely destroying another wrestler at the top of the Lucha Underground rankings. Fenix tried his best and made almost not impact on Matanza. After the win, further beatings of Fenix were interrupted by MIL MUERTES. From a technical standpoint, a Mil-Matanza match shouldn't excite me, but they've built all of this so well that I'm psyched.