Oh, The Metahumanity1 (Mar 21-24)

We've got a new addition to Oh, The Metahumanity starting this week. I've been going at it obliquely, but starting now, I'm just going to straight up quantify the stupid in each episode. Because that's mostly all I care about.

Agents of SHIELD: Parting Shot (5% Stupid)

This was an hour of solid, non-stop super-intrigue and international realpolitik. It was also designed very specifically to write Mockingbird and Hunter out of the show so they could go work on their spinoff show. Loved it until the bar scene at the end, which was nicely poignant but shot in such a way as to defeat the purpose - to have everyone say goodbye without actually being seen with Morse and Hunter. Anyone with surveillance footage of that bar could identify the entire SHIELD team from their longing looks towards our disgraced spies' table. Still, minor flaw.

The Flash: "Trajectory" (40% Stupid)

All the stupid in the episode is centered on the Iris B-plot, in which she tries not to write mean things about The Flash even though her editor, the J. Jonah Jameson of young hunky DC newspapermen, wants her to. See, there's a new speedster in town. A lady speedster. Trajectory. And her petty crimes are being pinned on The Flash. If the Iris-Editor Guy story weren't bad enough, he assumes their discussion over coffee is a (TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND INAPPROPRIATE) date, and by the end of the episode, Iris has come around to the idea that maybe there should be real (TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND INAPPROPRIATE) dates in the future. Ugh. The Trajectory stuff is fine, and the Vibe/Jay/Zoom stuff is solid. Not sure about writing Jessie off the show by sending her on the same random.bus-outtta-town they used for Henry Allen, but I'm not going to complain too loud.

Daredevil: "New York's Finest" (8% Stupid)

This is the Daredevil Chained To A Chimney episode. This is also the Morality Of Killin' Dudes episode we knew we were getting when they first said Punisher would be part of Season 2. Things get a bit dodgy and hammy during that argument, but it could have been a lot worse. I've seen superhero writers seriously try to tackle the ethics of vigilanteism and murder before, and it rarely goes well, so having this come in at 8% stupid isn't bad. Plus, HALLWAY FIGHT 2: STAIRWELL BOOGALOO.

Daredevil: "Penny And Dime" (3% Stupid)

This wraps up the Punisher storyline much neater and much sooner than I was expecting it to, leaving only a few threads left in his backstory for Karen to pull at in her spare time. We get Frank Castle opening up to Daredevil because he thinks he's dying from drillfoot, and of course THEY KILLED HIS FAMBLY. I'm not blaming the show. It's the Punisher. Killing his fambly is part of the mythos. It's just a smidge unsubtle. Now we move on to Elektra, who knows how to keep herself from being "seen" by Daredevil a little bit. NINJAS!

Arrow: "Broken Hearts" (?% Stupid)

OK. Intellectually, I know an episde centered around the mildly annoying Cupid, and the mildly annoying Ollie / Felicity breakup, should bug me. But it all worked for me. I don't know why. Even Laurel being completely flustered about why nobody will believe her that Dhahrhkh is eeeeevil with nothing but questionable eyewitness testimony worked because of how it played out. So I can't accurately gauge the stupidity, because my gut says like 1% and my brain says "that had to be higher". Even the flashback stuff worked for me. Maybe I was just tired.