Oh, The Metahumanity! (Mar 15-18)

Agents of SHIELD was the only proper broadcast show this week, but somewhat surprisingly, I was able to get the first two Daredevil S2 eps knocked out on relesae day.

Agents of SHIELD: The Inside Man

This is a mostly solid episode, the kind of episode this show's been doing well since last season. Spy stuff, double-crosses, revelations, the return of The Absorbing Man in an interesting new twist, and the further development of Hive. What Hive is doing to people when he throws dust at them is unclear - he did it to Decascos and Decascos is fine, and this episode he did it to Gorgon Eye Guy, and Gorgon Eye Guy is fine, but then he did it to people and ate them. Maybe I missed something.

Not sure we need to rehash the whole There's A Vaccine For Mut...I Mean Inhumans" plotline from the X-movies and X-books. And I certainly don't need to see that fight played out between everyone's favorite zero chemistry Inhuman couple, Daisy and Lincoln. But everything else was good, and we got a decent amount of May this episode, so on balance a big positive.

Daredevil: "Bang" and "Dogs To A Gunfight"

They are clearly not fucking around. Season 2 gets right into it. The status quo is established (Daredevil fights crime, Foggy covers for him, is annoyed, law service helps the needy and is broke as a result) in about 10 minutes. The Punisher is then introduced, and by the end of the episode, he and Daredevil have had their first fight. A fight that ends badly for Daredevil.

The second episode jumps rigt into the consequences of the first, and we get lots of action, more fighting between Daredevil and Punisher, LOTS of hints about Karen's dark past, and some great Foggy moments.

If I have a complaint about this season, it's that we get literally one cold open at the start of the first episode to see Daredevil at the top of his game, fighting crime and kicking ass. Less than an hour later, it's painfully obvious that we will be dealing with a Daredevil fighting wounded, off his game, back on his heels, off balance. I get it from a dramatic standpoint. It's a method that gets used a LOT in superhero stories in lieu of comeing up with challenges the characters' abilities can overcome. But once two seasons are under its belt, I hope I get more than five minutes total of Proper Daredevil.