Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Mar 16)

Sweet, merciful baby Jebus. One week before Aztec Warfare II, and literally everything is in coplete turmoil.


Catrina confronts Fenix, reveals that she's, um, dead, regrets not siding with him, then they MAKE OUT FOR A BIT and then she leaves him and says Mil Muertes with destroy him. WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK?!

Johnny Mundo taunts Prince Puma about his loss to Mil Muertes last week. Prince Puma emits a couple of LOW GROWLS and then punches THROUGH the punching bag.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio pours a couple of shots of tequila and informs El Dragon Azteca Jr. that his training is complete. And that they both have fancy invitations to participate in Aztec Warfare!

Mil Muertes beats the shit out of or maybe murders The Disciples of Death for losing the Trios titles.

Dario Cueto and Black Lotus are at the fake Temple, and decide that Matanza is ready and it's time to take back the Temple. Matanza is clearly heading for Aztec Warfare as well. Damn.


Trios Championship: Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc vs. the Disciples of Death

New champs! The "win or leave" stipulation gave this one away, but it was still a pretty solid match, although it was a bit short. Angelico is a goddamned acrobatic monster and a joy to watch, especially in his green bike suit ring gear.

Texano vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr., Bullrope Match

This is mostly nothing special, but bonus points to the editing and camera work of the first minute or so. Closeups of the bullrope being tied to each wrestler's wrists, and then the whole "The Crew abandons Chavo to his fate" bits worked really well. The match had decent energy, but this is one of the least interesting undercard feuds in LU and two of the least interesting performers, so I hope it's over.

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship

This si one hell of a match. Masks are ripped. Blood is spilled. Blows were exchanged. Furniture was involved. And in the end, Fenix was triumphant. We have a new Lucha Undergorund champion... for now. Because Catrina announces at the end that Aztec Warfare will now be for the Lucha Underground championship, that Fenix will be entering as #1, and that Mil Muertes will enter at #20. It's basically this year's Royal Rumble, except, you know. Awesome. And with the son of a murdered wrestler, the monster-brother of the former owner of the promotion, and presumably a dragon, a time traveling space robot man, and 14 other dudes fighting it out. Cannot wait.