Oh, The Metahumanity! (Mar 8-10)

Everyone's favorite Agents of SHIELD came back last week, and so did watchable episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

Agents of SHIELD: Bouncing Back

This was a fairly straightforward "re-establish the status" episode, wrapped loosely around the pursuit of and eventual recruitment of Yoyo to the Secret Warriors. I'm a bit disappointed that the Secret Warriors are just Inhumans with an Apple Watch who don't have to get paid to appear in every episode, but I suppose it's a better name for the team than The Telecommuters. Anyway, Ward is now the alien parasite Hive and is recuperating and hungry and probably wants to eat Mark Decascos because he's full of Iron Chef dishes from the last decade. Coulson's got a secret deal with the President where he has to work with General Talbot. Daisy is still inextplicably attracted to Lincoln, Fitz and Simmons deliberately pushed the reset button on their relationship, and May is not in the show enough.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Night Of The Hawk"

The show has finally returned to its two core premises - traveling to other time periods, pursuing Vandal Savage, and hot lesbian nurse action. Three. Three core premises.

They hit the "Fifties Were Awful" thing a bit too hard on the nose for my liking, but in their defense, the Fifties were awful. They keep talking around "killing" Mick, so he's totally still alive. Team Awful Plan continues their stellar track record, but hey, only one member of the team got captured and one nearly killed this week, so GO TEAM LEGENDS! Kendra, however, is turning out to be the worst Hawkgirl ever. Get her an Nth Metal mace and an infusion of badassery from the Justice League cartoon, stat. Also, and this is a problem on the other CW shows, especially The Flash, POKER FACES. YOU NEED THEM. Of course, Vandal Savage knew something was up when their neighbors did like quadruple takes when they saw him and then acted all tense and weird around him all the time.

Still, even with all that, it didn't suck Kanjar Ro's balls like last week's episode did.