@midnight Power Rankings (Tournament Edition)

It was Tournament of Championships week, which means we're going to take a slightly different approach. I'm sure you watched all of them, and if you didn't, you should've. So instead, let's talk about whether or not the results actually aligned with the performances.

Monday's actuallyi worked out. Kinane won, Benson came in second, Nikki Glaser came in third. And as much as I like Glaser, she was a little off her game, and Benson was on point with goofy ridiculousness. So this is the one day the points lined up with my opinion.

Tuesday was close. I thought Jen Kirkman did a better job than Randy Sklar, but he edged her out in points. Paul F. Tompkins' win, however, was well deserved.

Wednesday is where shit started to go south. I like Jesse Joyce well enough, but his name doesn't leap to mind when I think of @midnight champions. And then he goes no to win, even with a FTW involving Ron Funches and wrestling. I know I praise Ron Funches a lot here, but that's because he's really good at this, and while his FTW answer was a little weak, but he was still the top performer overall. And in my ideal world, Tom Lennon would have edged Joyce out.

So the finale was Kinane, Joyce, and Tompkins, and it's a good thing @midnight doesn't matter, because the ow threshold for points means quantity wins over quality, and Kinane ended up with the red light, which was a goddamned crime. Tompkins' win, on the other hand, made me feel better, even if he won through blatant pandering. But a well-timed pander is a great joke.

I did enjoy the Suer Hashtag Wars in the finale - a nice tour through Hastag Wars past.