Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Mar 9)

Now, that's what I call a return to form! So much good going on this week.


The Mack convinces Sexy Star to overcome her trauma and face her fears by joining him at ringside for his match with Marty The Moth. This will prove to be a bad idea.

Fenix gets a characer profile. HE was poor but he's a fighter.

Drago confronts Jack Evans, but is attacked by PJ Black with his own nunchucks. What ensues is a two-on-one nunchuck fight in the bathroom, because OF COURSE IT DOES. Drago loses the fight, but is rescued by Aerostar, who has GREEN LED LIGHT UP NUNCHUKS.

Famous B will still make you famous. I don't know what this is leading to, but I love it.


Marty The Moth vs. The Mack

The wrestling here was perfectly acceptable Lucha Underground action, but the big deal here was the debut of Mariposa, Marty's sister, with yet another incredible Lucha Underground outfit, this time including tatered, leather butterfly wings. I'm not sure why the vignettes know that Sexy Star was held captive by Marty between seasons and the announcers don't, though.

Taya vs. Cage, No DQ

Another victory for gender equality in Lucha Underground, as Taya does as well vs. Cage as any other Lucha Underground midcarder. In other words, she got destroyed even with Johnny Mundo's help. I love Lucha Underground's gimmicked props, allowing Mundo to hit Cage in the head with a "lead pipe" safely while not looking totally fake.

Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. For the Lucha Underground Championship

Goddamn, what a great match. Great spots, huge moves, beautifully paced. The overall story is that Puma and Pentagon have to work together to keep Muertes at bay long enough for them to beat the shit out of each other, which barely works for a while because Muertes is a goddamned monster. Ultimately, Muertes destroys and pins both men before being confronted by his Season 1 nemesis, Fenix, who's cashing in the Gift of the Gods for a title shot. I can't imagine he'll win, but he might, and that's part of the excitement.