@midnight Power Rankings (Feb 29-Mar 3)

The big story out of this week's @midnight is not, as I expected, the Leap Day performances of the late night champions. It is, instead, the story is marcella Arguello, who's first appearance on the show was a goddamn triumph. I hope she comes back soon and often.

1. Marcella Arguello (W)
2. Ron Funches (M)
3. Wil Wheaton (W)
4. Ross Marquand (W)
5. Mike Yard (M)
6. Jordan Klepper (M)
7. Megan Neuringer (Th)
8. Barry Rothbart (Th)
9. Chris D'elia (Th)
10. David Koechner (T)
11. Andrée Vermeulen (T)
12. Hayes MacArthur (T)

Two episodes really worth your attention this week - Monday's late night showdown, and Wednesday's first-class hilarity-fest. Tuesday's "cast of Angie Tribeca" episode is a miss, and Thursday's episode is mostly notable for Chris D'elia, angry at his inability to buzz in, tossing good jokes in anyway and getting the red-light as a result.

1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Thursday
4. Tuesday.