Oh, The Metahumanity! (Mar 2-3)

Two shows aired this week. ONe show, I want to see more of, and probably won't get to. Another show I'm going to watch more of, but I'm starting to wonder why.

Agent Carter: "Hollywood Ending"

If you'd asked me in advance how I thought this season of Agent Carter was going to end, I wouldn't have guessed "like that". The plot beats were perfunctory and weird. Dr. Wilkes just regjected all the Zero Matter and was back to normal! The final showdown with Whitney Frost was underwhelming at best.

But the character beats were all on point. Peggy and Souza, Peggy and Jarvis, Howard and everybody, even Jack Thompson and Ken Marino's consistetly awesome Manfredi had some great moments. The only one shortchanged is Whitney Frost, which is a shame, because she started the season great and ended the season completely insane. There are even threads for a third season we're unlikely to ever see picked up again, which is a shame, because it's been my favorite of the superhero shows during its run.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Marooned"

I was dreading this episode from the moment the preview told me the team's worst enemy would be themselves. Yeah, no shit. When has that not been true?

My fears were mostly justified. The hour was peppered with bullshit to get the characters into specific situations rather than figuring out how to get there logically. We want to have Cold and Canary trapped in a room, slowly running out of air and freezing? Well, let's blow a big hole in the hull, have them run to try to seal the hull, and THEN have an emergency door close to keep all the air from draining out of the ship. Why not just close the door to begin with? Because then they wouldn't be trapped.

And do not get me started on the last five minutes POWER OF LUUUUUURRRRRVE bullshit that ties up Rip Hunter's wife backstory. That whole subplot can go fuck itself sideways.

There was some good stuff in there. All the Captain Cold stuff. All the Heat Wave stuff. That ending. It's a fakeout, I'm sure, but damn. That ending. Victor Garber, Space Badass was pretty good. And at least they realized they were making a shitty Deep Space Nine episode and did some slightly hacky Star Trek referencing to cover it. But, um, I am not in any way buying the sudden Great Romance between Hawkgirl and Atom. Last week was light flirting, this week she can't live without him? Here's an idea, show about stopping an immortal warloard in various time periods throughout history. Be a show about that, not a show about all this crap.