Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Feb 29-Mar 3)

We're well along the Road to Dallas (Wrestlemania and Takeover), but there's still a lot of fucking around.


Let's keep this in terms of the Wrestlemania matches we know about.


Roman Reigns has been MIA all week selling what wasn't a real injury but is covering for, according to accounts, a real nose surgery of some kind. In the meantime, Dean Ambrose has been getting even more over confronting HHH and Brock Lesnar, getting his ass kicked, and bringing the "breakable but unstoppable" aspect of his character into sharp relief. It's been so good for Ambrose that I wish I could believe his Smackdown promo that his Wrestlemania possibilities are endless, but he'll clearly be losing to HHH at the completely gratuitous WWE Roadblock pseudo-PPV this weekend and fighting Brock Lesnar as planned at Mania.


A weird draw on Raw and Charlotteference on Smackdown led to the making of the triple threat at Mania we've all kind of known was coming for months. Should be a great match.


An overlong promo on Raw this week brought the Undertaker out to "clarify" his role in the match against Shane for control of Raw. He's doing Vince's bidding, so Vince is responsible for the results. They're doing force-of-nature with Undertaker instead of heel, which is probably a bad idea, but both these guys are returning after long absences, so good luck getting anything booed in this match except the quality of the wrestling.


There have been rumors that the New Day would be facing the League of Nations at Mania. If that happens, it's going to have to happen during next week's title match against Y2AJ. They've kept Styles and Jericho together against all logic and kept them busy with The New Day for a couple of weeks, only throwing vague hints in the League's direction. But if they go New Day vs. League, presumably with New Day saving Y2AJ on Raw after Leagueference during the title match, what do Styles (and to a much lesser extent, Jericho) do at Mania? The answer is obvious and will therefore not be done.


Kevin Owens has no feud yet for the IC belt at Mania. He spent a week fucking around with Big Show, and then messed with Ambrose on Smackdown, but none of that is going anywhere. League of Nations is four guys. New day is three guys. Y2AJ is two guys. Put Owens with the League (he is Canadian, after all) and both groups have five guys each. AJ vs. Owens at Mania.


The Usos are messing with the Dudleys, so there's your pre-show match settled. The awful Golden Truth story continues, so they'll be a team by Mania. The Lucha Dragons aren't doing anything, nor are the Social Outcasts, so maybe an eight-man jobber tag match as the bathroom break match before the main event now that we don't have shitty Diva's matches for that slot anymore. Heel Ryback is still a thing. Dolph Ziggler and the Miz are wrestling each other while presumably discussing what's happened to their careers. Neville is slumming on NXT. And there are some nont-title things happening with the Divas, but none of them are interesting.


It was a week of jobbers, with the only things of interest being the excellent bot inconsequential match between Finn Balor and Neville as the main event, and the DEBUT OF AUSTIN MOTHERFUCKIN' ARIES! Aries is one of my all-time faves, and it's great to see him in NXT. Of course, he got the shit kicked out of him by Baron Corbin, which means Corbin and Aries will be wrestling at Takeover, but on the upside, there's no way Corbin's winning that match, and Aries made Corbin look more dangerous than he's ever looked in NXT.

We have Asuka and Bayley vs. Eva Marie and Nia Jax next week, and Emma and Dana still feuding with Asuka, but no indication of what this means going forward. Similarly, American Alpha, Dash and Dawson (now suddenly known as The Revival), the Vaudevillains, Enzo and Cass, and the Hype Bros are all dancing around each other with no clear direction. We may get some clarity at Roadblock, where Enzo/Cass will be challinging The Revival for the belts, but otherwise, it's a mystery.

As for the title, we're still waiting for the resolution of the No. 1 Contendership. Will it lead to a triple-threat, where Zayn pins Joe, wins the title, and Finn Balor can go to the main roster with the Balor Club (there was definite intentional talk about Bullet Club, and the recently hired Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson from Japan haven't debuted yet)? Difficult to say.