Oh, The metahumanity! (Feb 22-26)

Making pretty good use of pretty mediocre ideas is the theme for both Flash and Arrow this week. Agent Carte continues to be the standout, and it will be sad in a week when it's over. And Flash and Arrow are taking a break for about a month, coming back right when Daredevil Season 2 premieres because fuck my free time.

The Flash: "King Shark"

The first time King Shark appeared, he interrupted one of Barry's wanky-ass running monologues, and it was great. King Shark saw the show crawling too far up its own ass, and did something about it. Which is why it's a shame that King Shark's return is in an episode that spends so much time up it's own ass.

So, for every scene with Barry and the guesting Lyla and Diggle chasing down a giant metahuman shark man, there are two scenes of someone being upset over the death of Jay or Joe-2, or more of the awkward Wally West stuff. Now he's jealous of Barry and Barry's kind of a dick to him and just give him powers already so all this can stop, OK?

And at the end, we get the reveal that Zoom is a Doppelgarrick, which, OK, but that means we either have three Garricks, or the Hunter Zolomon on the bench wasn't a Doppelgarrick, or something. Multiverse?

Arrow: "Taken"

Hey, does that mean we're done with Secret Son? Let's hope so. Now we have to deal with Breakup Fallout and Merlyn Revenge, which is fine. It does eliminate Secret Son and Secret Mom from the Grave Lottery, though.

All of this was elevated by some good action and Vixen, who, while not the strongest actress on the show, did provide a nice variety, some neat effects, and helped Team Arrow deal a significant blow to Damien Dhahrhkh.

Agent Carter: "The Edge Of Mystery", "A Little Song And Dance"

You know they've been looking for an excuse to do that musical number for like a season and a half, so I'm glad they got there. It was a little clunky, but fun. The stakes keep ramping up, and the episode ends in a place where I'm not sure an hour is enough to finish things up. All the baddies are in a building with a gamma bomb. Dr. Wilkes is there too, having become full to bursting of Zero Matter. And Our Heroes are outside arguing with guns over whether to blow up the gamma bomb or not.

That's a lot to get through and leave room for some satisfying character denoument before this show goes riding off into the sunset for what may be the last time.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Star City 2046"

Hey, let's take our Dark Future Armless Ollie story and shoehorn in a weird, awkward, unpleasant, and ultimately pointless "shipboard romance" storyline into it. What a brilliant idea. The main plot is no great shakes either. How many times have we seen a CW hero be disheartened only to come back at the end and win? Imaginary Armless Old Ollie is like the twentieth. Luckily, Captain Cold and Heat Wave remain the most interesting part of the show, and the latest twist in their relationship makes total sense and plays out awesomely.


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I'm very annoyed that I was wrong about Zoom's identity. Maybe this also means I'm wrong about whether Batman vs. Superman will be any good.


I've been expecting Zoom to be Earth 2's Eobard Thawne; maybe I missed something that ruled that out? Two episodes ago, when the tapping guy tried to tell them about Jay, I figured Thawne 2 had taken Garrick 2's identity instead of Wells 2's. As to whether Zoom is the original Garrick 2, or Thawne 2, I'd not yet venture to guess. Or I'm entirely wrong.


I just glanced at the "Recent comments" on the left, and determined that all subject lines should henceforth be "Zoom".

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