Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground

This will shock you, but I really enjoyed Lucha Underground this week.


A fairly light week on vignettes the week. All we got was a reminder that Vampiro is Pentagon Jr.'s dark master, a fake cheap commercial for Famous B, King Cuerno breaking his deal with Catrina, a backstage segment where Pentagon Jr. tries to force Catrina to make him a match with Prince Puma, only for Catrina to escape by DARK MAGIC TELEPORTATION and making the match anyway. Oh, and a bit at the end where Dario Cueto explains to Black Lotus how his monster brother murdering their mother instilled in him his love of violence. So, you know. A light week for Lucha Underground.


Jack Evans vs. PJ Black

Jack Evans' feud with Drago continues, with Evans cutting weird rhyming promos before the match, calling himself the Dragonslayer, and beating PJ Black after Drago misted Black instead of Evans by mistake. I think Drago deserves a little more than this, but it's Lucha Underground, so even the small feuds are big.

King Cuerno vs. Killshot

An entertaining but inconsequential match until the end, when Cuerno's post-match beatdown brings out Fenix, which leads to Cuerno demanding his Gift of the Gods title match against Mil Muertes, which leads to Catrina setting up Fenix vs. Cuerno for the GotG belt instead. Don't cross the boss, as they say in WWE, especially when the boss can harness black magic to teleport, as they say in Lucha Underground.

Texano Vs. Chavo Guerrero And The Crew

This was a gauntlet match, and it was OK. Texano has a lot of energy. Mr. Cisco got beat right off the bat, so most of the match was Texano vs. Cortez (AKA UNDERCOVER COP RICKY REYES) Castro, with Chavo coming in and stealing the victory at the end. This continues to be one of the least compelling stories in LU, but if we're seeing ten minutes of it every four weeks or so, that's fine.

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

The story here is that Mundo and Cage are both trying to get to Mil Muertes for the title, but they're in each other's way. That's solid stuff, and the two play it well. Cage is good, but I think he's hitting a wall just shy of truly excellent. Johnny Mundo wins thanks to his new associate, the debuting Taya, a sort of evil rainbow Barbie that seems like a good pairing with Mundo.