Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Feb 22-25)

They do realize we can just go back and watch younger versions of all this on the Network, right?


The entire first half hour of RAW was devoted to the McMahon family struggling for control of the company. Shane McMahon returned, looking and sounding more like his dad than ever, which is creepy. Anyway, it's Shane vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania for control of Monday Night Raw, which is a match I don't want to see and an outcome that is predictable, because if Shane's not winning, what's the point?

The biggest continuing problem with WWE is their inability to craft compelling stories that don't involve championships. Case in point. New Day had an amazing match with Neville and the Lucha Dragons, but it didn't mean anything. New Day's hinting at a face turn by feuding with the League of Nations. Kalisto has issues with Del Rio in the League of Nations. Does the League of Nations involve itself in the Raw match? They do not. They inexplicably wrestle the Dragons, Neville, and Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown while the New Day fights with Jericho and Styles and Mark Fucking Henry.

The one exception to that is Ambrose-Lesnar at Wrestlemania, set up on Raw with awful pacing, and an extension of the Fastlane titel match. The WWE's greatest dispenser of pain against the PG-era's Mick Foley, who eats pain for breakfast, is an excellent idea. And of course it's a street fight, which is always fun to watch Ambrose in.

But Usos-Ascension? Interrupted by the dumb heel Dudley renouncing tables thing? I'll give them a pass on the AJ-Jericho stuff, but they'd better move AJ on soon. Preferably against Owens for the IC Title at Mania. But the Goldust-Truth stuff keeps happening. The Wyatts picking on Ryback, Kane, and Big Show because they're "titans"? A Ryback heel turn? None of this is relevant or intereting.

At least the women's division is heading towards a Lynch-Banks-Charlotte triple threat at Wrestlemania.

As for the League of Nations as The Authority's goons against Roman Reigns, first, it's old. Second, Roman Reighs keeps kicking all their asses. Third, HHH-Reigns at Wrestlemania is probably going to be a clusterfuck, accidental or intentional relaxing of the no-blood policy on Raw notwithstanding. And four, poor Rusev.


The big story in NXT is the battle for the Number One Contendership. First there was a controversial ending to the Zayn-Joe-Corbin match. Then there was a controversial ending to the Joe-Zayn match intended to clear up the controversy from the first match. So in a couple of weeks, there's gonna be.a 2/3 Falls match to clear up the controversy once and for all. There's not a lot of energy in the story, since most of the plot involves people standing around and arguing with referees and then waiting a week for William Regal to make an obvious decision.

Jordan and Gable keep getting a big push, and I have to imagine they'll be taking the tag belts off Dash and Dawson at Takeover Dallas. They continue to be awesome, especially Chad Gable, who's still the most exciting talent on either roster right now.

Everything else is treading water.