OLDNERD Speed Round!

I've been really busy the past week and a half working on a hobbyist project I will go into great detail on when it's done, so let me make up for lost time with a quick with a Metahumanity/Lucha/WWE Speed Round.

THE FLASH: Better but still sloppy. Need to go into the difference between "breezy" and "sloppy" at some point.

AGENT CARTER: Two more great episodes. Hard to believe there's only three left. The other side of The Flash's "breezy vs. sloppy" argument.

ARROW: Hate the Sekrit Son plot. It's dumb. Handled competently, at least, and fun.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Team was borderline competent this week. Still too much shoddy, hastily constructed, unearned character drama balanced out by Snart and Rory, the true heroes of the show.

LUCHA UNDERGROUND: Undercover cops and prophecies about the gods and Aztec tribes. Plus Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. What's not to love?

WWE FASTLANE: A bunch of mediocre matches reinforcing the pre-Wrestlemania status quo. At least the IC belt is back on Owens. Also, was there a hint at a New Day face turn? Because I would be totally on board with that. Also, um, R-Truth vs. Heath Slater? On a PPV? Right before the main event? Fuuuuck you.

WWE GENERAL: None of the WWE's transparent attempts to get me to like Roman Reigns more are working. I like him just fine, but not as the linchpin of the company. Ambrose would be so much more appealing in that role. Can AJ have a real opponent now that he's done "proving" himself with Jericho? Oh, and the Dudleys are heels now in case you give a shit, which you shouldn't.