@Midnight Power Rankings (Feb 8-11)

Rough-ass week on @midnight before going into a February hiatus. Kudos to Nikki Glaser and Doug Benson for making the best of their respective shows, but below the #5 spot, things start getting pretty dire pretty fast. Jim Jefferies, who I like, lost a couple of places for too many trips to the "Two In The Blank" and "Two Blanks one Blank" well.

1. Brian Posehn (Th)
2. Nikki Glaser (M)
3. Matt Mira (Th)
4. Doug Benson (T)
5. Brendan Walsh (T)
6. Kevin Nealon (M)
7. Kevin Smith (Th)
8. Jim Jefferies (M)
9. Carmen Lynch (T)
10. Adam Cayton Holland (W)
11. Ben Roy (W)
12. Andrew Orvedahl (W)

Wednesday's "cast of" episode returned "cast of" shows to their previous infamy. I don't know why TruTV is producing a sitcom about bad teachers, but this probably wasn't the best way to promote it. Monday's show wasn't much better, with Jefferies not living up to expectations, and Nealon only exceeding them on a couple of occasions. Watch Thursday's for sure, and Tuesday if you like Doug Benson or like watching Chris Hardwick's' love-hate relationship with Benson's dad-comedy puns

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Monday
4. Wednesday