Oh, The Metahumanity! (Feb 8-11)

Man, The Flash needs to stop being stupid. Or start being better at being stupid, at least. Luckily, Arrow and Agent Carter brought it, although the news that this might be all we ever get of Agent Carter is pretty sad. On the upside, though, I'm about to see Deadpool.

The Flash: "Welcome To Earth-2"

OK. One and over a half seasons in, and I don't think there's been an episode where are heroes are dumber. I mean, Team Flash has been INCREDIBLY STUPID about Earth-2 dopplegangers since they introduced the idea, with characters constantly treating everyone they see as if they must, by default, be the Earth-1 versions. But this episode takes the cake.

Barry takes the place of his Earth-1 counterpart ostensibly to get information on Zoom, then proceeds to react with shock and stupidity at EVERY SINGLE DOPPLEGANGER HE SEES. Compare this with our villains, the trying really hard to play evil and failing Killer "Earth-2 Caitlyn" Frost and Death "Earth-2 Ronnie" Storm. They are working for Earth-2 Cisco. They encounter Earth-1 Cisco. They do not say "Reverb?!" Or "What are your orders, Cisco?!" This is because they know about dopplegangers and are smart enough to figure it out, unlike the Earth-1 geniuses.

What's worse is that ultimately, this leads Barry to get distracted, ignore his very important time-sensitive mission that HE CONVINCED EVERYONE WAS SUPER IMPORTANT LAST EPISODE, and ultimately cause the death of Earth-2 Joe West, because if he'd been doing his goddamned job instead of hanging around the Earth-2 Wests, they wouldn't have been there to get hurt when Frost and Deathstorm tracked down the Earth-1 interlopers.

This was a maddeningly stupid hour of television.

Arrow: "Sins of the Father"

Well, I guess we know who's gonna be in the grave once they finally reveal it. Secret Son just jumped to the top of the rankings. Still, a really good episode that could have gone a bunch of different ways and still made sense. Oliver's new perspective and finding a way out of the impossible dilemma also set in motion Malcolm Merlyn's full-on heel turn alliance with Dhahrhkh, and presumably, the death of William, which the show helpfully reminded us was Secret Son's name.

That said, some Hollywood bullshit at the end there. If Oliver really cares about William more than he does Felicity, then Oliver is a horrible, horrible person.

Agent Carter: "The Atomic Job"

Not sure why this aired five minutes late, leading to next-day on-demand shenaningans so I could see the end of it, but another great hour of television. Our band of misfits grew by an awesome two this week, with Rose and Matt Braunger's Scientist Dude kicking ass. We also start dealing with Sousa's FEELINGS! for Peggy for a bit, but largely as the result of a shocking impaling, so I'll allow it. Plus it's fun to watch women manipulate feeble-minded dick-thinkers, which happens on at least three separate occasions during this episode.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Blood Ties"

OK, um, maybe have an episodewhere the team does a job that doen't turn into a giant energy weapon shoot 'em up and/or timeline-disrupting superpower-revealing shitshow? Maybe?

Also, maybe a little less Manufactured Interpersonal Drama, show people? The Firestorm stuff was just a little overwrought. Like, a lot little overwrought. Thank fuck for Captain Cold, who stole the entire episode by just being awesome.