Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Feb 10)

A bounce back toward the insane quality of the first episode this week. Things were just nuts.


We've got some fun story vignettes around the Fenix-King Cuerno rivalry. Fenix wants a rematch. Catrina wants Fenix out of the picture, and sends Cuerno to finish the job he started in a Last Luchador Standing match that is tonight's main event. As suspected, Cuerno is holding Gift of the Gods so that nobody can challenge Muertes for the title.

AEROSTAR IS A MOTHERFUCKING TIME TRAVELER and is shown a thousand years ago talking to an Aztec mystic about prophecies and the Gods returning the form of man, then flies off TO THE FUTUREPRESENT. Because why the fuck not?

Texano is a hard drinking hard fighting son of a bitch who beats up people who attack him in bars. I could give two shits about Texano as a wrestler, but this vignette did a good job of reintroducing his character.

Catrina gives Prince Puma shit about his manager, Konnan, dying or "dying" in a casket match last season. Prince Puma still doesn't talk.

Cortez Castro, member of the Crew, is revealed to be UNDERCOVER COP RICKY REYES trying to take down Dario Cueto! And because that hasn't worked out real well, he's been assigned JOEY RYAN AND HIS MUSTACHE as a partner. They'll be feuding with each other to maintain their cover, but they also don't really like each other much. This is the most awesome thing ever, and completely retroactively justifies The Crew from last season, who kind of sucked except for that time one of them got fed to Dario Cueto's monster brother. Which, yes, was a thing that happened.


Bengali vs. Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon gets her introductory win over Bengali, the slightly portly luchador in the white tiger getup. The new character and slithery moves still seem a bit awkward for Kobra Moon, but the core of something great is there, and her entrance gear is almost Drago-levels of amazing.

Jack Evans vs. Drago

Solid match, with Evans winning vea feet-on-ropes shenanigans and declaring himself the DRAGON SLAYER after the match, so it looks like these two will be feuding during the early parts of the season. It's a good matchup, and keeps Drago busy while giving Evans more to do than he did last season.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno, Last Luchador Standing

Having just watched Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose do Last Man Standing at the Rumble, one thing I love about Lucha Underground's version is that the ref starts counting, and counting fairly quickly, every single time a wrestler is down. You'd think it would slow down and interrupt the pacing, but it actually makes the match better, keeping the tension high between the moves. Plus, it removes that weird ambiguity around gimmick matches in the WWE where they don't really enforce the stipulation until the finish.

And oh shit, that final spot where Cuerno rides a ladder through the table. That was sweet.