Wmidnight Power Rankings (Feb 1-4)

Last week's @midnights were the unfortunate combination of weak shows with strong performances. Proops had the joke of a week (his answer to "what were the conditions of their divorce", if you've seen it), Mamrie Hart was great as usual, and Rooster Teeth's Gavin Free was a surprising standout. Places 4-9 are both a literal and figurative middle of the pack, with some good bits but nothing overwhelming. Burnie Burns got knocked down a few places for a couple of weird celebrity insults that didn't land, and while Gish and Ubach weren't awful, they didn't get a lot in.

1. Greg Proops (Th)
2. Mamrie Hart (T)
3. Gavin Free (W)
4. Lisa Traeger (T)
5. Phoebe Robinson (M)
6. Scott Adsit (Th)
7. Colton Dunn (W)
8. Jonathan Kite (M)
9. Dominic Monaghan (T)
10. Burnie Burns (W)
11. Annabeth Gish (Th)
12. Alanna Ubach (M)

You could probably get away with only watching two of these if you were pressed for time. If you really liked Lazer Team, Wednesday's "cast of" episode was stronger than cast-of's usually are. Monday's mainly notable for Phoebe Robinson's strong finish in the second half of the show.

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Monday