Oh, The Metahumanity! (feb 1-4)

Not a great week for the superhero shows this week. Agent Carter tops the list, with Legends of Tomorrow spending its way to second place, then Arrow, then Flash. With luck, I'll be able to finish off Jessica Jones tonight. Come to think of it, the best genre drama of the week was Lucha Underground.

The Flash: "Fast Lane"

There are three things going on in this episode, and only one of them isn't a complete bag of shit. The villain of the week, a bad CGI creation called Tar Pit, exists solely as a plot device, and a bad one at that. The West Family Drama is the worst, with the absolute worst aspects of Iris' character in full effect as she nags, scolds, and harangues her brother to get him to stop drag racing because she cares about him. Then she takes some glass to the shoulder and spends more time in the hospital than Felicity did, with just as much angsty bedside visitation.

She took the glass to the shoulder as part of the only good part of the episode, Wells stealing some of Barry's speed to deliver to Zoom, then revealing that to Barry out of guilt, and finally Barry forgiving him and promising to rescue his daughter from Earth-2. It's the only part of the episode that features characters behaving in logically and emotionally consistent fashion, the only part that has them learning from their mistakes, and so I'll forgive the idea that Speed Force can be remotely siphoned, stored in an ampule, and then injected into somebody else. Which is dumb.

Arrow: "Unchained"

Arrow, on the other hand, was rock-solid pulpy goodness this week. The Palmertech Powercell is as ridiculous as the Speed Force Ampule, of course. It didn't need to be the size of a credit card and capable of powering a whole building to be impressive. But apart from that, we have Roy back, Thea dying, Katana, Nyssa, Merlyn, and some good flashback action. Not sure I buy Oliver working through his darkness on the island since clearly he's also working through it in the main timeline at about the same rate, but who cares, it was better than Flash.

Agent Carter: "Smoke and Mirrors"

This continues along it's course, bing nicely competent. More sexual tension between Peggy and Intangible Scientist, more Jarvis-based comedy, more Evil Government Conspiracy stuff from Clarence Boddicker, and more actual literal sucking from the soon to be Madame Masque. Solid, entertaining, not stupid. CW, take note.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Blood Ties"

There's a lot of good stuff here, which is why it was so irritating that it was interspersed with so much bullshit. The whole Stein/Palmer Fantastic Voyage insecurity/confidence story was irritating and obvious, with them hitting the same beats over and over even though WE GET IT ALREADY. Also, it's very weird to have Arrow state outright on Wednesday that John Constantine cured Sarah Lance's bloodlust, and then on Thursday be all like NOPE STILL GOTS ME BLOODLUST I IS A MONSTERS. Thank fuck for Captain Cold, who managed to stay watchable while exploring his daddy issues. In lesser hands that would have sucked too. I did like the Vandal Savage stuff, though. More like that.

Next week all the HEY IT'S THE SEVENTIES references become HEY IT'S THE EIGHTIES, so I suspect we'll see at least one Nintendo thing.

Jessica Jones: "AKA Take A Bloody Number" and "AKA Smile"

I'm not sure I'd call that a "satisfying" ending, but it was damn good, and as satisfying as we were gonna get. Lots of drama, lots of DRAMA, solid action, good character work, and udos to the show for working itself around to a point where that weird riverside scene between Malcolm and Creepy Sister could work as well as it did. Plus we got some setup for the future with the Mystery Of Jessica's Powers, tied into the same shady agency that turned Fuckbuddy Cop into Nuke.

And now I'm really looking forward to Luke Cage.