Motherfucking Lucha Underground! (2/3)

We have a somewhat more traditional episode of Lucha Underground on the air this week. Not quite the barn-burner the season operner was, but somehting closer to an episode you'd see towards the middle of season one.

Two new Temple residents are introduced, and one of them gets a debut match. The WWE's Justin Gabriel is now "The Darewolf" PJ Black, looking (and wrestling) like a biker version of Johnny Mundo. He loses to Willie Mack, which was a bit of a surprise given his long introductory video before the match. I suspect he'll have a role similar to Jack Evans did in Season 1, undercard matches and Gift of the Gods stuff and multi-man moshes, but not part of any serious stories.

Kobra Moon, meanwhile, joins the women's ranks of Lucha Underground at some point. Fairly traditional (for Lucha Underground) intro of her kicking the asses of goons in slow motion in an alley straight out of Double Dragon. I'm unfamiliar with her work as Thunder Rosa, so it'll be curious to see what she brings to the ring.

Speaking of women's wrestlers, Sexy Star is still the captive of Marty the Moth Martinez, which is somewhat disappointing since it's been six months since he captured her in the show's timeline and there's been no progression to speak of. Apparently, he, Marty, and Marty's sister will be returning to the Temple soon. No signs of a Stockholm Syndrome thing going on, so who knows what they have planned here.

Johnny Mundo returned this week to beat Killshot and make menacing faces towards Mil Muertes' throne. It's a really smart and interesting play to handle the big belt like this, with everybody wanting a shot, but using Mil's injury, Catrina's control of the Temple, and Cuerno holding the Gift of the Gods belt to keep title shots scarce. Scarcity raises value, and while Mil Muertes is way better than when he was Judas Mesias in TNA, he only shines in certain types of matches, so it's a good idea to keep him from being a fighting champion. Mundo and Killshot had a nice, solid opening mach.

Our main event featured Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. Facing off against all three Disciples of Death. It was an interesting match. It seemed a bit disjoined and sloppy, but the story was strong, with a very tenuous and uneasy relationship between Puma and Pentagon. The finish featured Puma hitting his finisher, Pentagon stealing the pin, and Pentagon trying to break Puma's arm before Puma got away. It's odd after Pentagon's huge face pop during the season opener, but they seem to be slotting him as sort of a losse cannon, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons or the wrong thing for his own reasons.

And finally, we get our first glimpse of Rey Mysterio, working with El Dragon Azteca Jr. In their plans to avenge El Dragon Azteca's death. No sign of Cueto, Matanza, and Lotus this week, so I hop we get back to them soon.

One thing that was consistent with last time, that I didn't have time to mention, is the new way the show is being shot this year. The lighting is darker (whihc sucks for me since I don't get El Rey in HD), there are a bunch of new camera angles, and the whole thing is cut more cinematically than the first season. It really fits with what Lucha Underground has become, and I'm digging it.