@midnight Power Rankings

Memo to @midnight producers. Maybe bringing someone on the show immediately after their viral stunt isn't the best idea. This week's Power Ranking has a special thirteenth entry for the guy who spent twelve hours playing piano on Twitch, whose inclusion on Wednesday turned out to be an awful idea. Also engaging in a fair amount of pooch-screwing this week are Brandon Wardell, who's young and new, and Marlon Wayans, who has fewer excuses.

On the other end of the scale we hav Kyle Kinane, killing it as usual, and PointsMe Winner #2, Richard Jeter, who is an actual fan with a job and not an up and coming comedian. Not that I don't love Chris Cubas, I do, but Richard Jeter actually fulfilled the stated goal of the PointsMe challenge, and he acquitted himself nobly, even if I'm pretty sure everyone was letting him ring in first.

1. Kyle Kinane (Th)
2. Grace Helbig (M)
3. Hari Kondabolu (M)
4. April Richardson (Th)
5. Richard Jeter ITh)
6. Matt Braunger (M)
7. Affion Crockett(T)
8. Jenny Zisnice (T)
9. Ryan Stour (W)
10 Esther Pavinsky (W)
11. Marllon Wayans (T)
12. Brandon Wardell (W)
13. Improv PIano Guy (W)

So definitely catch Thursday and Monday, definitely skip Wednesday, and watch Tuesday if you feel like it, but be prepared for Marlon Wayans. His 50 Shades of Black co-stars were way funnier, so I assume they didn't help write the movie.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday