Oh, The Metahumanity! (Jan 25-28)

Not a great week for the superhero shows this week. Agent Carter tops the list, with Legends of Tomorrow spending its way to second place, then Arrow, then Flash. With luck, I'll be able to finish off Jessica Jones tonight. Come to think of it, the best genre drama of the week was Lucha Underground.

The Flash: "The Reverse Flash Returns"

Um, The Flash? Slow down. Seriously. Why did the Reverse Flash even need to return? How many speedsters or potential speedsters is this show going to introduce? We've got Wally West, Wells-2's daugher "Jessie Quick", Zoom, Jay Garrick, they just cast another female speedster I've never heard of, and now Jay Garrick's Earth-1 counterpart is Hunter Zolomon, who in comics is... Zoom. So into all this is injected Eobard Thawne for no real reason and to no real effect. We get Vibe's goggles, I guess. Oh, and last week wasn't the end of Patty Spivey, they dragged that shit out for one more episode by having her figure out Barry was The Flash and having that change nothing. Heres an idea. Take your time and make shit count, Flash.

Arrow: "A.W.O.L."

There are things to like around the edges of this otherwise stock "character deals with major life tragedy but comes out of it OK at the end of the hour" episode. Since we just got one of those with Barry's broken back on The Flash, seeing one for Felicity's broken back on Arrow was underwhelming. What we did get was a connection between Andy Diggle's story and the island flashback story,

We also got the somewhat inglorious death of Amanda Waller, which I have to assume is to clear the decks for the Suicide Squad movie, and a present-day rapproachement between the Diggle brothers, and it's all fine and all, but it's mostly just killing time.

Agent Carter: "Better Angels"

A bit of a moving-pieces-on-the-board episode, but not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination. Basically we have the SSR being shitheads so that Peggy will have to investigate on her own some more, we have Howard Stark spraying film chemicals on the of course he wasn't dead Dr. Wilkes to make him just intangible instead of intangible and invisible. This is one of the most ridiculous bits of superscience in the Marvel Universe, and it's a testament to the show that it only bugged me a little.

Anyway, this light plot work is, as usual, carried along by great character work and acting. We got a lot of Howard Stark Starking all over the place, which never gets old, and chemistry (get it?) between Carter and Wilkes.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Pilot, Part Two"

Energy beams! Lots of energy beams! Do you feel your other superhero shows aren't giving you enough energy beams? Well, Legends of Tomorrow has you covered, at least this hour, when they've still got that sweet pilot money to spend.

This hour gives us not one, but two huge team fights during which Team Legends shoots regular fire, nuclear fire, cold blasts, and blue energy pulses all over a European arms dealer convention and a museum parking lot. In 1975. There's also more time trave bidness involving Dr. Stein and College Age Dr. Stein, and, in a triumph of writing and the long-term health of the series, they killed off Hawkdouche.

And while I don't buy Carter Hall as the Phil Coulson whose death cements the team as a unit, I do buy him not being on the show anymore douching things up and being redundant. So kudos for that.


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Just want it officially recorded somewhere on the internet that I think Zoom in this show is Barry Allen from Earth 2. Someone else somewhere in the world may have thought of this and it may be from the comic for all I know (I've done no research) but I did come up with the idea on my own. I'm sure if I'm right, I get a huge reward or something.

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