Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Jan 24-28)

You can take the Lucha Underground out of the Weekly Wrasslin' Wrounup, but you can't take the comparisons to Lucha Underground out.


The Rumble itself was a surprisingly entertaining show. Even the Rumble itself was great during that middle half hour or so when Reigns wasn't in it. I don't hate Reigns, but his story, and the crowd's reaction to it, was ruining an otherwise fun match. Also, AJ Styles! Nice to see his lovely intro and a debut straight to the main roster. My predictions were pretty awful as usual, with Charlotte retaining, HHH winning the Rumble, and the New Day thankfully retaining. Called Ambrose and Kalisto, but that's not particularly impressive.

So, going forward, we've got The Road To Wrestlemania, which this year is kind of a dull frontage road in a bullshit suburb. There's a three-way dance at Fastlane between Lesnar, Reigns, and Ambrose to determine the #1 contender to face HHH at Mania. Logic says Lesnar should win, the most interestig plotting says Ambrose should win, so Reigns will win to beat HHH at Mania and not win the hearts of anyone who doesn't like him now.

The women's belt seems to be leading up to a Sasha/Becky/Charlotte triple threat, but will it be at Fastlane, setting up a one-on-one between two of them at Mania, or will they drag it out for two months? I don't know.

The IC belt is in limbo because the champ is involved in the main event wrangling. If this was the plan, why the fuck did Ambrose retain at the Rumble. Put the belt on Owens, have him feud with AJ, boom, you've got my attention.

Kalisto defended the US title against Neville in a good match with zero story or buildup behind it, which, in a week that gave us Fenix-Cuerno for the Gift of the Gods belt, seems woefully inadequate by comparison.

The New Day got in a promo battle with The Rock, which continued the "90's stars throw vaguely homophobic slams at New Day" trend Jericho started a coiuple of weeks ago. Goldust and R-Truth have a similar gay panic thing going on as Dust tries to convince Truth to be his tag partner. Titus O'Neil is still showing up on my television, and the Social Outcasts, after winning two matches via team shenanigans, are now just four guys doing the job they were doing individually - getting beat up by whatever big star is around this week. So much of this is padding to fill five hours a week.


A serviceable but dull episode this week, as the main event, the triple-threat between Zayn, Joe, and Corbin to determine the #1 contender, never really got into gear and ended with a "controversial" finish with Corbin tapping out to Zayn's Sharpshooter and Joe's crossface at the same time. Inevitable comparisons with the Lucha Underground triple-threat for the #1 contendership didn't help either.

We did get another great performance from Jordan and Gable, undder their new, awkward moniker American Alpha. But other than that, we just got three basic jobber matches for Nia Jax, Elias Samson, and the returning Alex Riley.