@Midnight Power Rankings (Jan 18-21)

My #2 pick this week will be controversial. I'm betting what Flula Bor g was doing on Wednesday's show was a love it or hate it kind of thing, but I fucking loved it. First-timers Adam Savage and Rich Eisen acquitted themselves admirably, but unsurprisingly, Funches took the week.

1. Ron Funches (M)
2. Flula Borg (W)
3. Patton Oswalt (T)
4. Shelby Fero (T)
5. Rich Eisen (M)
6. James Davis (W)
7. Adam Savage (M)
8. Jen Kirkman (W)
9. Blaine Capatch (T)
10. Jordan Morris (Th)
11. Bryan Safi (Th)
12. Erin Gibson (Th)

Thursday's ep is the most skippable by far - the other three are great, Thursday was just OK. Tuesday's is notable for one of Blaine Capatch's trademark elderly refreences, and a few killer lines from Shelby Fero that I guess nobody actually heard.

1. Monday
2. Wednesday
3. Tuesday
4. Thursday