Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Jan 18-21)

One day before the Rumble, so if I wanna get predictions in, now's the time.


So, the Wyatts are important again? One week before the PPV, and all of a sudden the Wyatts are interfering in the main events of both Raw and Smackdown and beating the shit out of everybody, including Brock Lesnar. That's a big jump for a team that was sort of kind of feuding with the Dudleys to kill time literally during the first hour of Raw this week.

The non-title mid- and undercard feuds are a mess. Stardust has a rivalry with Titus O'Neil based entirely around Titus interrupting Stardust in his secret filming room like a month ago. The Social Outcasts all lost to the Big Show for some rreason, and everyone else is farting around in weird multiman tag matches.

Rumble predictions!

Usos vs. New Day for the tag belts: There's no real buildup for this and no reason for the Usos to win, so in a sane world, New Day would retain, ideally with the debut of Francesca II (aka a new trombone). WWE right now, on the other hand? It's a tossup.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte; The story syas that Becky should get the title here. I'm not sure she's ready to succeed as champ, and I'm not sure there's anyone ready to step up and challenge her other than More Charlotte. I'm going with a Becky win at the Rumble, then a rematch win at Fastlane, in the hopes that Sasha will be in shape to challenge her, maybe at Mania.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto for the US Title: Kalisto. No way it's not Kalisto. Story demands it.

Dean Ambrose v. Kevin Owens, Last Man Standing for the IC Title: The outcome of this is almost entirely dependent on the unknown Wrestlemania plans for both guys, assuming said plans even exist. In a lot of ways, the outcome doesn't matter, because these two will probably keep feuding at least through Fastlane. Tossup, leaning Ambrose.

Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship: Roman Reigns will enter #1, defy the odds, and win the Rumble to retain. The crowd will boo the shit out of him despite WWE attempting to stack the Rumble with jobbers and people fans hate more than Reigns. WWE's in Injured Roster Panic Mode, and that always leads to bad decisions.

There's also a ridiculous eight-man jobber tag match on the pre-show that pits the Dudleys against everyone who didn't get into the Rumble. Darren Young and Damien Sandow are a team here. Really. So are Mark Henry and Jack Swagger. How far has Swagger's star fallen? Dayum.


NXT largely abandons storylines this week for a series of solid matches that exist to keep talent in the minds of viewers.

There's a women's tag match to remind us about the impending Carmella vs. Bayley match, Johnny Gargano vs. Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin vs. Noted Indy Guy Doing NXT Cameo, Sami Zayn vs. Adam Rose, and Apollo Crews vs. Ty Dillinger.

That last match was used to set up a non-title match between Crews and Finn Balor, which should be fun.