Oh, The Metahumanity! (Premiere Week Edition)

Goddammit. From famine to feast in one week. And it's all pretty good for the most part.

Jessica Jones: "AKA 1,000 Cuts"

OK, "dawn" was probably too strong a word to use. The violence in this one was particularly effective. Things are continuing to careen somewhere between barely in control and barely out of control. Ultimately, the series is a power struggle between Jessica and Kilgrave, and everyone else in the sries is there to be used in that power struggle. They each use people in different ways, to different degrees, and with different moral compasses in play (a wildly shifting one for Jessica and a fairly consistently horrible one for Kilgrave) but in that context, Hope's decision at the end is both horrible and fitting.

The Flash: "Potential Energy"

If that's it for Patty Spivey, her character will go down as ultimately an example of lost potential, which is funny given the episode title. She never really got to shine, her backstory was never prominent enough to be meaningful, and her promising chemistry with Barry and her strengths as a cop are all for naught because she's off to another city to live her life. Feh.

Main plot was fine. The Turtle's powerset was an interesting counter to Barry's, and the Jay/Caitlin stuff was fine, although that story's cashing relationship checks the show has largely failed to write, letting you just assume they were written through glances and subtext. Wells-2 is proving at least as interesting as Wells-1 was, and next week's promise of Thawne-2 should shake things up a bit.

Arrow: "Blood Debts"

This was stronger than The Flash was. They continue to play the WHOSE GRAVESTONE IS IT game, and with the progression of time, we probably won't find out until the end of the season. Detective Lance and Felicity's Mom are now the two leading contenders, and I'm placing smaller stacks of chips on Ollie's Secret Son and Roy Harper.

As given away by the preview a couple of months ago, Felicity is safe. This episode is mostly GRR THEY HURT FELICITY GRRR without a ton of real plot development beyond the revelation that Dhahrhkh has a family, his family are evil, and they're up to something called "Genesis". Nothing called "Genesis" has ever gone well in genre fiction.

Agent Carter: "The Lady In The Lake", parts 1 and 2

For the record, airing two episodes of Agent Carter this week was WILDLY disrespectful of my time, APC, and in the future, maybe don't counterprogram against the WB quite so strongly, thanks. I have other things to do than watch superhero shows, even wildly entertaining ones full of charm, chemistry, and hats.

This season is looking even better than the last one, and I really liked the last one. It's mostly light and breezy and silly with just enough weight to it to keep it from floating away. Even lighter angst than The Flash, which is nice. And did I mention hats? There are hats. And an awesome villain. And apparently a loose tie to Dr. Strange, which I'm totally fine with.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Pilot, Part One"

See, ABC? Got a two hour pilot? Show it one hour a week. Sure, technically, the WB loaded me down with three hours of content and ABC only two (with Jessica Jones making sure the Marvel-DC split is equitable) but the WB spread it out over the week.

And it's pretty good. Not great. There's a lot of clumsy character exposition along the lines of "As a 6,000 year old reincarnated hawk god..." Slipped in for the eight people who are watching this without seeing Flash or Arrow. And if we're going to out and out shift Sara Lance into being the hard-drinking hard-fighting cliche, and shift Ray Palmer into an insecure dude, why couldn't we shift Hawkman into being less of an epic douchenozzle?

The tone could stand to be a little lighter. For what is essentially a team romp through time, the first hour has angst over three murdered family members, which is a bit much. But it's solid enough.