@midnight Power Rankings (Jan 11-14)

OK, I know I didn't post one of these from last week. I watched the episodes late, did the rankings, then forgot to write the rest. But it was Benson Bowl week so you watched all four anyway and were super-impressed by Chris Cubas' performance and thought maybe Benson got a little higher than he should have. Right? Right. So this week is a bit of a cheat, since the top spot is unsurprisingly filled by head writer Joe Randazzo. But boy, was he good. Also technically Swardson may not be at the bottom, since he wasn't super-awful, but fuck it.

1. Joe Randazzo (T)
2. Paul F. Tompkins (T)
3. John Hodgman (T)
4. Pete Holmes (M)
5. Brett Gelman (M)
6. Whitney Cummings (Th)
7. Jackie Kashian (M)
8. Chelsea Davison (W)
9. Matthew Gray Gubler (Th)
10. Adam Newman (W)
11. Sean Donnelly (W)
12. Nick Swardson (Th)

Fairly big drop-off between Mon-Tue and Wed-Thu. Wednesday started slow and picked up later, and Thursday was elevated mainly by Whitney Cummings laughing at everything and some surprisingly strong showing by Gray Gubler, who I have never heard of.

1. Tuesday
2. Monday
3. Thursday
4. Wednesday