Oh, THe Metahumanity! (More Jonesing Edition)

With winter travelings over, I'm working through a bunch of Jessica Jones in the hopes of knocking it out before Legends of Tomorrow starts up on the 21st. We'll see if the overlap with Downton Abbey (enjoyed by a significant non-me fraction of the Jones-watching crew) interferes with that too much.

Jessica Jones: The Malcolm Episodes (AKA 4-6)

AKA 99 Friends, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me, and AKA You're A Winner have a lot going on in them. There are a shit-ton of plot complications, but the one arc that really starts and concludes in this chunk is the story of Malcolm The Junkie, Jessica's neighbor.

His story ends up being way more interesting, and way more deep, than I would have expected from the first three episodes. Add in the changes happening to Hope in prison, the further development of, um, the cop whose name I can never remember, and you've got a show that's confident enough (and rightly so) in its central character that it's not afraid to really flesh out the supporting cast and give them narratives that are compelling in their own right.

We also got the big reveal that shatters Jessica and Luke Cage's relationship, earlier than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. Well, pleasant that it happened with plenty of time to explore the ramifications. Not pleasant for any of the characters involved.

The middle episode does that thing that Jessica Jones does better than any other superhero show. Have the characters be smart, prepared, and competent, and still lose through no fault of their own because there are some things they couldn't plan for or deal with.

Kilgrave as a small man with a big power continues, and these three episodes go further down that road, showing him to also be essentially a Jones-obsessed stalker. His powers let him do things stalkers wish they could do, which is a lot of what makes him so dangerous, but he has no ambitions, no goals, no dreams of power. He's just a shitty guy who can indulge his every shitty desire. How much of his obsession over Jessica is her powers, and how much of it is her being the only person who's difficult to control? I bet we'll find out.