Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (End of Year Edition)

The post-TLC, post-Takeover landscape in WWE is a barren landscape of treading water and mild racism. There were some good matches and a couple of bright spots, but otherwise, possibly because of the holidays, things are dead.


Thank fuck for the New Day. It's a shame the Big E / Sin Cara spot on Monday went badly, but they're making the best of it. And their entertainment level just keeps rising. They got almost half an hour on Smackdown and a big chunk of time on Raw and New Dayed the fucking shit out of it.

In Roman Reigns news, he's now feuding with Vince McMahon, in a calculated attempt to keep him over. And Vince came really really close to being really really racist on Raw, and then got arrested. It was a nice twist on the "authority figures have wrestlers arrested" trope, but it's all leading to more Reigns-Sheamus matches, including one this Monday on Raw. I don't know what this is leading up to at the Rumble if it's not even more Reigns-Sheamus, but we don't need more Reigns-Sheamus.

John Cana's back in the expected "wants his belt back from Del Rio but Del Rio is part of a stable so it's tough" bit. I guess it gives Rusev something to do?

The other bright spot is Kevin Owens, who keeps murdering the ever-loving shit out of Dean Ambrose and occasionally Dolph Ziggler. A bit weird for the intense Owens-Ambrose feud to start after their championship match at TLC, but it's good stuff.

On Smackdown, Tyler Breeze announced that he and Summer Rae would be breaking up, which I hope is the WWE admitting that Breeze doesn't need her and she's not helping and she shouldn't be on TV outside of Total Divas anymore.


NXT aired some matches taped at Takeover London last week, and a best-of special this week, so very little happened. Sami Zayn wrestled again, which was good to see, and the eight-man tag match with the London crowd going apeshit for Jordan and Gable is definitely worth watching, but until we get some new TV stuff this year, actual stories are stalled.