@midnight Power Rankings (Dec. 14-17)

Well, if you're going to go off the air for two weeks, at least you go out on a high note. Tom Lennon winning over Weird Al and Moshe Kasher in a great episode to tend the week. Bonus points to Jesse Joyce, who single-handedly carried Monday's episode. This is my fourth exposure to Esther Ku, after a pair of Doug Loves Movies and a Getting Doug With High, and clearly I am not the target audience for whatever that is.

1. Tom Lennon (Th)
2. Weird Al Yankovic (Th)
3. Mary Lynn Rajskub (W)
4. Moshe Kasher (Th)
5. Jon Daly (W)
6. Jesse Joyce (M)
7. Justin Long (W)
8. Andrew Santino (T)
9. Jack Knight(T)
10. Meaghan Rath (T)
11. Al Jackson (M)
12. Esther Ku (M)

With two weeks to kill before new episodes, if you have Monday's and Tuesday's on the hard drive, you might as well hang onto them and maybe watch them after the holidays. But don't miss Wednesday and Thursday I've mentioned the Thursday show up top, but the underappreciated brilliance of Rajskub, the weirdness of Jon Daly, and a perfectly acceptable showing by Justin Long made for a very good show.

1. Thursday
2. Wednesday
3. Monday
4. Tuesday