Weekly Wraslin' Wroundup (Dec 13-17)

There was a lot of wrestling the past week.


The new season doesn't start until the end of January, but who cares. Watch this awesome trailer over and over again until it starts.


One week out from TLC, and we have 40% new champions. The New Day retained their titles in a fantastic ladder match at TLC, and retained their awesomeness on Raw with a lengthy, serious, sincere speech to the Usos and the Lucha Dragons that streeeeetched and prolonged the inevitable obnoxiousness almost to the breaking point. Post-TLC, it looks like they'll still be feuding with the Usos and the Luchas.

Kevin Owens lost the Intercontinental belt to Dean Ambrose on TLC, which left me with mixed feelings. Ambrose is worthy of a belt, but the match didn't have a lot of heat behind it. Luckily, a furious Owens chasing Ambrose for revenge and his belt back livened things up on the TV shows.

And Roman Reigns won the Heavyweight Title on Monday. The TLC/Raw booking was weird as fuck until it was revealed that Raw took place in the same arena that booed Roman Reigns out of the building at last year's Royal Rumble. There was clearly an element of crowd revenge going on here. Make them cheer Reigns nearly a year later by putting him against SHeamus and The Authority and Vince McMahon himself. And it either worked, or WWE's sound crew was ready with canned cheers. This probably points to Reigns-HHH at Mania, which means, I'm betting, a Sheamus rematch at the Rumble, and a placeholder challenger at Fastlane.

Charlotte and Del Rio both retained in matches that didn't matter a whole lot to ongoing storylines. Charlotte was a continuation of her Bad Dad Influence story, and Del Rio just put Swagger away and send him back to Superstars or whatever for another year.

In other news, the Wyatts keep beating the Dudleys And Their Old Friends, which is how things should be. Neville's stuck in some weird bullshit with The Miz, and somehow Bo Dallas and R-Truth both managed to job to Vince McMahon's entrance on Raw.


And NXT had Takeover: London, an event that had nothing but solid-to-great matches, and absolutely no change to the status quo. Even Baron Corbin beating Apollo Crews was, while a bit of a surprise, a sign that their feud will continue. Finn Balor retained, Dash and Dawson retained, Bayley retained, and Asuka kicked Emma's goddamn head in.

The real star of the show was the London crowd, which combined the rowdiness of British crowds and the neediness of NXT fans to great effect. Also props to Enzo Amore, who brought it more than I've ever seen him bring it. I don't know if they're gonna get called up, or eventually win the tag belts, but for the first time in a while, I'd be fine with either./p≥