@midnight Power Rankings (Dec 7-10)

Difficult to argue with a week like the one @midnight had last week. You've got a veteran comic (Rick Overton) putting in a solid debut performance. You've got Maria Bamford bringing a special brand of weirdness to games that wouldn't naturally call for it (1-900-BEEPS!), you had a contestant doing the Worm, and a guest appearance by Dana Gould reading Morrissey's worst-of-the-year literary sex scene. The rankings border on irrelevant, but what the hell.

1. Maria Bamford (T)
2. Alice Wetterlund (Th)
3. Jermaine Fowler (Th)
4. Brian Posehn (M)
5. Rick Overton (M)
6. Steve Agee (T)
7. Dan Telfer (T)
8. Chris Fairbanks (W)
9. April Richardson (W)
10. Adam Conover (Th)
11. Randy Liedtke (W)
12. Tom Rhodes (M)

No skips this week. Pretty even across the board, but I'm giving the nod to Thursday mostly because of the solid material everyone had to work with, but even Monday's episode is worth watching for Overton and Posehn.

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Monday