Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Pre-TLC Edition)

I skipped a week on the Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup, putting the lie to the word "Weekly", because, well, it looked like WWE was debuting a bunch of awful new ideas, and I wanted to see if maybe they were just new and clumsy and would get better. Nope!

Main Roster

The biggest awful idea is, of course, the League of Nations - an alliance of Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and King Barrett. Sure, it seems like Del Rio's work with the League is putting an end to the awful MexAmerica idea, but that's literally the only upside.

Because these four have been feuding with Reigns, Ambrose, and the Usos. Why is this bad? Because everyone is pulling double duty here. They're supporting the Sheamus-Reigns feud in multiple show-opening promos and eight-man tag main events, leaving their own feuds underbaked. And sure, that's no great loss with Del Rio-Swagger or Rusev-Ryback, but the Usos are in a hot program with The New Day and the Lucha Dragons, and Ambrose is allegedly wrestling Keving Owens for the IC belt. The latter was also hamstrung by a week where Kevin Owens was sick and didn't appear, but the League stuff isn't helping.

Another awful idea? Adam Rose, Snarky Gossip Guy. These segments are AWFUL. Badly written, not funny, awkward, and on top of it all, in a weird space where it's sort of kind of making fun of all the fictional stuff the WWE writers want us to take seriously.

The Wyatts, meanwhile, are wresting The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno. Leave it to WWE to debut four new four-person teams during the month after Survivor Series, an event built around matches between four-person teams. Brilliant!

And finally, we have Charlotte's weird character change, trying to tie her more closely to Ric Flair and his "lovable cheater" gimmick. And they're doing this while she's still feuding with Paige and getting into drama with Becky Lynch, meanwhile, Sasha Banks has sort of vanished and Natalya has completely vanished. I don't know where they're going with any of this, beyond Charlotte-Paige Volume Five at TLC tonight.

In other news, Dolph Ziggler won a couple of matches against Tyler Breeze, and neither of them are on the PPV, so who knows what's going on there. Oh, and Cesaro's injured and out until the middle of next year, so it looks like we're heading into one of those dark times where a.lot of the cool guys are benched and the rest of the roster is left to pick up the slack.


We're also a week and a half away from Takeover London, which, from the looks of it, is full of interesting matchups with problems.

For the NXT Title, we've got Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe, a feud that's had a lot more Joe in it than Balor. I don't know if the belt helps Joe at this point, but on the other hand, if I were WWE, I'd be getting Balor up to the main roster to help fill some of the gaps left by Seth Rollins and Cesaro, so who knows?

On the Women's Title front, I don't want Nia Jax to beat Bayle. Jax shouldn't get the belt until she, and NXT, put some more work into her character. And get her to stop smiling. Just show her tapes of Awesome Kong a.k.a. Kharma until learns how to act like a monster instead of what she's doing now. Turning her heel off of Eva Marie's leftover boos does not a champion make.

In the tag division, we now have Angry Enzo and Cass, which they pull off admirably, but in a division featuring Dawson and Wilder on top, with Jordan and Gable and the Vaudevillains nipping at their heels, I'm not sure Enzo and Cass are the way to go. Their in-ring work is as good as it's going to get, and it tops out at "OK". Maybe call them out and slide them into the tag-team midcard the Lucha Dragons spent months in and The Ascension still live in.

The Crews-Corbin match is only interesting on a meta level. Corbin, the mediocre wrestler who NXT has been trying to make happen for years, vs. Crews, the incredibly talented indie wrestler who's shot to the top of the ranks in not-quite-Kevin-Owens-record time. I expect Crews to win, which is fine, but would be better if they were filming more Breaking Ground during it, just to see how Documentary Baron Corbin reacts.