@midnight Power Rankings (Nov 30-Dec 3)

There are two kinds of shows I love on @midnight - shows where established comedians come on and kill it, and shows where the show steps a little outside its comfort zone and surprises me. Wednesday's was the latter. The show's always had a bit of a... shall we say identity politics problem, both in casting and in red-lighting, so Wednesday's show, with all black comedians, was unfortunately out of the ordinary. But it gave us Tiffany Haddish, who shone once you realized her dress was secure. Also, Emily Heller and Marc Maron are always awesome.

1. Tiffany Haddish (W)
2. Emily Heller (Th)
3. Matt Goldich (Th)
4. Marc Maron (Th)
5. Tone Bell (W)
6. Rob Huebel (T)
7. Colton Dunn (W)
8. Mary Elizabeth Ellis (T)
9. Adam Pally (T)
10. Michelle Beadle (M)
11. Brent Morin (M)
12. Rick Glassman (M)

If you're skipping any, skip Monday's, which just kind of sat there and didn't do much. Tuesday's was a step up from Monday, but still a bit below average. Pleasant enough, but expendable if you're crunched for time. Thursday's was a lot of fun, and as mentioned above, Wednesday had the must-see episode of the week.

1. Wednesday
2. Thursday
3. Tuesday
4. Monday