Oh, The Metahumanity! (Thanksgiving Edition)

Thanksgiving week means a bit of a dead zone, as everything on regular TV takes a week off. While we wait for Flash and Arrow, though, Netflix provides. Netflix always provides.

Jessica Jones: AKA Crush Syndrome

This episode was largely transition - the aftermath fromt he events of the first episode, and setting things up for the future. We establish that Luke Cage is Luke Cage, that he has superpowers, that Jessica Jones knows he has powers, and that he knows Jessica has powers.

We also establish Kilgrave/Purple Man as a complete fucking sadist, mostly through implication. We see what he's done in the past, and the unnecessary cruelty of it. We see him in the present ordering a family around, and the unnecessary cruelty of it.

And we see Jessica Jones investigating, which is great. Her following the trail of Kilgrave after the bus accident is handled really well - plausible, and showing her resourcefulness and intelligence, which in a lot of ways are more important than her super-strength. Through this, she finds a possible weakness she can exploit. We'll see how that plays out, though. Very rarely in a 13 episode series does the answer show up in episode 2.

Oh, and it also established Jessica's neighbors as the creepiest fuckers, literally and figuratively, in the history of superhero TV. Good job, showpeople.