Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Nov 16-22)

The story of main roster WWE this week is the story of Survivor Series, and the story of Survivor Series is the story of the tournament.

Main Roster

The tournament was great on Raw, with three great matches between Owens and Neville, Reigns and Cesaro, and Ambrose and Ziggler. Only Del Rio vs. Kalisto was a mess.

At Survivor Series, however, things kind of went to shit. Ambrose and Owens had a good match, but Reigns and Del Rio didn't, and neither, really, did Ambrose and Reigns. And then, of course, Reigns won, Sheamus cashed in, and Sheamus got the belt, which nobody really fucking needs.

The only other matches on the card that meant anything were the Diva's championship match and Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze. Charlotte finally had the hard-hitting title defense I've been waiting for, beating Paige in a solid match. Breeze and Ziggler had a good match too, but the story suffered because there was no buildup, and there was no buildup because Ziggler spent two weeks in the tournament.

The rest of the card was a pair of slapdash, half-assed classic Survivor Series matches, and the pointless Brothers Of Destruction vs. Wyatt Family match, which the Wyatts lost because, well, that's what Bray Wyatt does. I fully expect that tonight's Raw will feature Bray Wyatt talking spooky at his next PPV opponent.


Another solid title defense from Bayley on this week's show, beating Alexa Bliss in a solid match that was marred by the post-match appearance of Eva Marie. If boos would kill, Eva Marie's entire ancestral line would have been wiped from the space-time continuum. Full Sail's hate-on for her is so strong it would make you feel sympathy for anyone except Eva Marie.

And Jordan and Gable had another great match, and managed it against The Ascension, who I never saw have a great match even when they were in NXT. Although being back at Full Sail at least lit a fire under their asses. I love Jordan and Gable so much. I want them to be the WWE Tag Team Champions in some way that allows The New Day to stay the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Oh, and Nia Jax, the new tag champs, and Emma all got jobber wins to remind us they're here.