@midnight Power Rankings (Nov 16-19)

Right, Bryan. It's important not just to watch the episodes and rank the players capriciously and arbitrarily, but actually write up the results and post them. Arden Myrin won last week by about half a mile with her gleeful run of utter filth. Ron Funches and Heather Anne Campbell turned in their usual strong performances, and bonus points to mostly regular actor guy Michael Shannon for doing pretty good. Seth Rogen was a pretty impressive "get" as a guest, and did fine. Another strong week overall, so the bottom of the list isn't that bad.

1. Arden Myrin (M)
2. Ron Funches (Th)
3. Heather Anne Campbell (T)
4. Doug Benson (M)
5. Emmy Blotnick (Th)
6. Noah Wells (T)
7. Derek Waters (T)
8. Kevin Allison (M)
9. Michael Shannon (W)
10. Kelly Oxford (W)
11. Seth Rogen (W)
12. Johnny Pemberton (Th)

Wednesday's is the most skippable, but I liked Kelly Oxford more than her ranking might indicate. Basically, Wednesday was an average... actually, let's say median to be accurate. A median episode with the other three on the top half of the curve.

1. Monday
2. Thursday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday