Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov 17-20)

Woo, new Netflix show time! I'm going to try to work through Jessica Jones one or two episodes every week, both because I don't quite have the time to blow through it, and also because if it keeps up like the premiere, I think breaks between episodes will be in order.

The Flash: "Gorilla Warfare"

Gorilla City! Well, proto-Gorilla City. On Earth-2. That I can't imagine we'll see again for another season, if at all. But still.

This was your basic "get your confidence back after having your ass handed to you" episode, which was necessary, but not particularly thrilling. Good banter, some fun bits with Cisco and Kendra, and a lot of low-rent encouragement from Flashdad. The gradual character development and softening of Earth-2 Wells is nice, though.

Agents of SHIELD: "Many Heads, One Tale"

That makes sense, up to a point. It's not like the show really needed ANOTHER shady secret society. Not sure collapsing all the season's players down to Powers Boothe is the wisest move, though. Boothe is Hydra AND the ATCU AND the secret society that's been messing with the portal for thousands of years and sent Astronaut Hunky to planet Alwaysblue.

Rosalind turned out to be a dupe, which is good for her and Coulson, although their fight is clearly going to have some ramifications down the road. And while the idea that Malick was behind the whole thing and her ATCU mentor and beyond reproach helps with her being dumb, but still, a year or so after SHIELD turned out to be half-Hydra, her boss telling you "hey, I know you're running the ATCU, but just stay off these two floors, mmmkay?" and her, the super-cynical constantly wary spy chick we've seen all season, going along with it unquestioningly is still a bit of a stretch.

Arrow: "Brotherhood"

The season continues on its solid footing, with everything moving forward appropriate amounts. Team Arrow now has Diggle's brother in custody, there's something going on between Thea's bloodlust and Dhahrhk's powers, and I was very surprised there was no reveal, this week at least, that the note that led Arrow to the HIVE meeting wasn't a plant to test Lance's loyalty.

Everything's going to pause in two weeks, of course, for the big Vandal Savage / Hawkpeople / Legends Of Tomorrow crossover event.

Jessica Jones: AKA Ladies' Night

I'm not going to binge on this, though I might go through two episodes next week in lieu of Arrow and Flash being off that week. But it's intense. Basically, it's as violent as Daredevil was, except the violence is psychological.

There's a part of me that wishes the first solo female superhero show didn't hinge so heavily on superpower-enabled sexual and emotional abuse, but that's really more of an argument with the source material than with the adaptation. Once you get past that quibble, the whole thing is handled with extreme competence, from the acting to the writing to the dark-and-neon color palette.

And the ending twist was fucking brutal.