@midnight Power Rankings (Nov 8-11)

The theme for the week is first-timers I like from other things getting the red light. David Rees, Open Mike Eagle, and Diedrich Bader all went out swinging during a very solid week. Janet Varney cemented her status as an @midnight all-star with another first-rate performance, and I've loved Guy Branum since Totally Biased. The rankings are even more arbitrary and misleading than usual this week, because all twelve of this week's participants could have been top six in a crappier week.

1. Janet Varney (Th)
2. Guy Branum (Th)
3. Jen Kirkman (M)
4. Eugene MIrman (T)
5. David Rees (T)
6. Judah Friedlander (M)
7. Hari Kondabolu (W)
8. Jena Friedman (W)
9. Phil Hanley (T)
10. Brendan Walsh (M)
11. Open Mike Eagle (W)
12. Diedrich Bader (Th)

Not a one worth skipping this week. I actually feel bad ranking Wednesday's fourth because I really liked it. Tuesday, Monday, and Wednesday were in a virtual tie, with only capriciousness and whim separating them.

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Monday
4. Wednesday