Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Nov 8-11)

As I suspected, the World Heavyweight Tournament has essentially sucked all the air out of the WWE right now, and with one exception, everything else is being ignored.

Main Roster

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens advanced in the tournament, and will likely beat Neville this week to advance again. United States of Mexamerica champion Alberto Del Rio advanced in the tourney, and will definitely advance past Kalisto this week. Neither of them will win the tournament. But until they don't, nobody can talk about their next challengers. So those title pictures are stalled out.

Tag Champs The New Day are having meaningless matches while complaining about not being in the tournament. Maybe they're building a feud with the Usos, maybe not. Did I mention the Usos are back? The Usos are back. No big deal, because they're still wrestling essentially the same goddamn match we saw when we got sick of them before a shoulder injury took Jay Uso out of action for a while.

In other news, the Wyatt Family faced off against Undertaker and Kane. At issue is a dispute over which of them have the power to tell the effects crew to use lightning bolts to set the ringposts on fire. The sad part is, I would eat t his up if it were a Lucha Underground storyline, but between WWE grounding itself in the "reality era" and the fact that Bray Wyatt is the WWE's perpetual Scooby Doo villain, I just don't care. Also, Brothers of Destruction vs. Any Two Wyatts at Survivor Series seems like a missed opportunity for a Survivor Series elimination match.


So, Dash and Dawson won the tag belts from the Vaudevillains this week. This makes me sad on a number of levels. One is that I still need to Google them to remember that it's Dash (Wilder) and (Scott) Dawson, because I want to call them Dash and Wilder.

But more importantly, the VV's never really got a tag title reign. They won the belts at Takeover Brooklyn, won their obligatory rematch a few weeks later on the weekly show, lost to Dash and Dawson i a non-televised Dusty Classic match, and droppped the belts this week. That's it. No actual time spent even squashing jobber teams with the belts. I mean, when Blake and Murphy had the titles, they were inescapable. Couldn't not see them. But the Villains' reign was like an off-off-Broadway play.

In other news, Samoa Joe came up with a pretty good explanation for his heel turn, Apollo Crews was impressively angry with Baron Corbin, Bayley hit her finisher on a dude, Bayley will defend the belt against Alexa Bliss, and I cannot help but think that that the combination of attitude and ring gear they've chosen for Nia Jax is weird and off-putting. .