Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov 9-10)

Plot plot plot plot plotty pot plot.

The Flash: "Enter Zoom"

Any big showdown with the main villain of your season that happens six episodes in is going to go badly. But this goes really badly. So badly it helps make up for some weird, uncomfortable awkward scenes where Cisco tries to vibe off Harrison-2 and Park-1 tries to pretend to be Dr. Light-2.

Basically, it's an hour of clsterfuck, but it's supposed to be, so it mitigated the parts of the clusterfuck that were clusterfucked, if that makes sense.

Agents of SHIELD: "Chaos Theory"

Yeah, seven episodes was about all Lash deserved. That's fair. Rough time for SHIELD to be out their only therapist, though.

But we need to have a talk about Rosalind Price. The ending tag to the episode collapsed her probability wave and eliminated the most interesting possibility. Now, Rosalind is either evil, or a dupe. The trailer for next week takes it farther - she's either really evil, or such a dupe she doesn't know what's going on in her own program. The version of Price that was presenting herself to Coulson up until these reveals was a much more interesting character than either evil Price or dupe Price, so these developments are a shame.

Also, Lincoln is turning into an annoying dipshit, so I'm so glad he'll be hanging around. Daisy can do better.

Arrow: "Lost Souls"

I swear to fuck, it's like the writers of this season's Arrow are trying to convince me that they know what they're doing. They keep presenting situations and conflicts that Arrow has handled in a very typical, annoying, and/or dull ways in the past, and surprising me by handling them in clever, new, adult ways that reflect the characters actually learning from their experiences and growing and changing as people.

Also, fun with superscience! Also also, more Curtis Holt being awesome. I have no concerns.

Well, one concern, but it's not with the show. The AV Club needs to pull the Legends of Tomorrow stick out of it's ass. Yes, both Flash and Arrow have been laying pipe to establish Atom Firestorm, White Canary, and Hawkgirl for the spinoff show. No, this is not a bad thing. That's what shared superhero universes do. They tell their stories and move their characters around and set things up for spinoffs and sequels. Accept this and move on.