Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov. 3-4)

The heroes this week are not the heroes we're used to . The heroes are a supporting character and a one-time loaner loner from a cancelled series. And boy, was that fun.

The Flash: "The Darkness And The Light"

Cisco Ramon became a superhero this week. Not when he acknowledged his metahumanity and decided on the codename "Vibe". No. Cisco Ramon became a superhero when he called Earth-2's Harrison Wells a diiiick. Pronouncing all the I'. His superheroism was heralded by the look on his face as he watched Barry Allen awkwardly flirting with Patty Spivey.

Speaking of said Earth-2 diiiick, I like the idea of Earth-2 Wells not being evil as such, just an unrepentant bastard who's only helping Barry because Zoom has his daughter. It's a nice twist on last season - both Wells' are helping Barry for their own secret reasons, but the new one is almost (but not quite) honst about it.

In other news, this week's Parallel Universe Dipshit award goes to Barry Allen, who, when confronted with the realization that Dr. Light FROM EARTH 2 is Linda Park, stops and gawks and wonders how this could be. It could be because, as everyone on the show ought to realize by now, there's a whole other planet filled with dopplegangers being sent over. So if you see someone who looks just like someone, there is a simple and obvious explanation you can arrive at without all the shock and horror and being a dumbass.

Agents of SHIELD: "Among Us Hide..."

Did not see that coming.

This episode gave us the Lash reveal, which is what I did not see coming, the return of Punching People Mockingbird, the apparent death of Trust Fund Nazi, the debut of Powers Boothe, and a nice twist in the Rosalind-Coulson / ATCU-SHIELD relationship. I like the show pointing out that Coulson's approach after two years of underground metaspying may be taking its toll on him, and also the idea that something that looks like a horrible government abuse could actually have noble motives.

Plus, we got bored, impulsive Hunter to the Nth degree and May being very, very angry a lot of the time, so you'll get no arguments from me about this hour of television.

Arrow: "Beyond Redemption"

I liked the Constantine TV show. It wasn't all that great, but it had great things in it that, given time to fix the bad things in it, could have led to a great show. One great thing about the show was Matt Ryan, who played John Constantine as well as he could given the apparent network limitations on how much of a tortured soul, unrepentant bastard, and general badass John Constantine could be.

So, yeah, an extra 20 minutes or so of Ryan Constantining it up on Arrow was very welcome. And not only that, but in an episode that really highlighted why this season is kicking last season's ass. A good villain, interpersonal conflicts that seem like they matter while not retreading the same interpersonal angst of the first three seasons, a kickass, non-crying Felicity, and just a general energy and movement to the various plot developments that was lacking during the reign of Aussie Fry Cook Ra's Al Ghul.

I'm pleasantly surprised that Constantine just solved the Sara's soul problem, leaving Thea's bloodlust untouched and Sara's bloodlust up in the air. Everyone's plots moved forward to one degree or another, nobody was particularly stupid or obstinate, boots met asses and dialogue snapped. I ask for little more from Arrow.


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Most unbelievable thing

Only real complaint I had was in Agents of SHIELD when they're discussing how Lash can become a normal human with amazement and wondering how such a thing could be possible and forgetting that the Hulk exists.

Hulk in the MCU

I thought the same thing, and then I wondered how common the knowledge is in the MCU that Hulk is a regular dude a lot of the time? I mean, Coulson knows, higher levels of SHIELD know, but even among the rank and file on the Helicarrier from Avengers, how widespread was that knowledge?

There was a time in my life I

There was a time in my life I would have meticulously kept track of stuff like this and would have gone back and watched every movie and SHIELD episode to see who knew what but that time has long since passed. I do remember Daisy was once kept in a cabin designed to hold Bruce Banner and there was a large Hulk fist shaped dent in the wall but that's not enough and I'll say something I never would have said in my younger days: it's not a big deal.

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