Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 26-29)

What's this?? Could we actually, gasp, be MOVING THE FUCK ON? WWE has finally found the Feud Shuffle button, and while the picture going forward after Hell In A Cell is still somewhat unclear, we know that most of the feuds at HiaC are over and done with.

Main Roster

Kevin Owens is done with Ryback after beating him in a match at HiaC that was completely telegraphed by Ryback sulking and half-assing his entrance. Whither Ryback? Who gives a shit. Whither Owens? No clear signs yet. Owens beat Cesaro on Raw and then ate the pin to Reigns in the #1 Contender's Four-Way, then tried and bailed in his revenge match against Reigns on Smackdown. Reigns will be otherwise busy as we'll see shortly, so Owens' next real feud remains a mystery.

Seth Rollins is done with Kane and Roman Reigns is done with Bray Wyatt, so CHANGE PARDNERS. I like Bray Wyatt but I am so sick of his booking. Every two to three months it's the same pattern. Bray decides he doesn't like someone and is going to be spookymean to them. There's lots of back and forth, vague apocalyptic plans, and tag matches, before the big match that Bray inevitably loses. Then the next day on Raw, he picks a new target and decides to be spookymean to them now. This time it's the Undertaker and Kane, probably leading to a Survivor Series match between the Wyatts and the Brothers of Destruction, with probably Dean Ambrose and some other rando with nothing to do filling out that team.

Meanwhile, Reigns is now the #1 contender for Rollins. Seems like a better time for this than with Reigns-Lesnar from the Rumble to Mania - Reigns is a bit better in the ring and on the mic and the smark hate-on for him has abated to a dull roar. I don't think he'll win the title from Rollins at Survivor Series, but I think he may before long.

The New Day are done with the Dudleys, probably? New Day provided hilarious commentary during a four-team tag match on Smackdown that the Lucha Dragons won, so maybe that's up next? The Prime Time Players reunion seems to have evaporated, which I'm fine with. New Day are about a billion times funnier than PtP thought they were.

Charlotte is done with Nikki and is probably moving on to Paige since Paige finally went full nutso and beat the crap out of Charlotte, Becky, and on Smackdown, Natalya. Of course, then Sasha Banks came to beat up Natalya too, so it looks like she'll be the secondary feud int he women's division. Someday Becky Lynch will get to wrestle a sgingles match again.

Everyone else is floating a bit aimlessly, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler's hilariously awful new heel gimmick. They are the first two citizens of "MexAmerica", which brings Mexico and America together to be, I shit you not, horribly racist against everyone else. Del Rio called Neville a filthy immigrant on Raw. It's so bad that crowds don't know how to react to it. They talk about Mexico and America coming together and that's kind of a nice thing but then they hate everyone else and that's a bad thing and crowds are almost literally shrugging at it.


Not much going on in NXT, except one of the most amazing matches I've seen all year. It's a largely meaningless tag match between Jordan and Gable on one side, and Ciampa an dGargano on the other. And the wrestling and action is so good and so exciting that it doesn't matter that there's no story. chad Gable is one of the most exciting guys on any roster, and I hope both these teams are in contention for the tag titles soon.

Also, Samoa Joe beat Tyler Breeze, but who gives a shit, Breeze is on the main roster sitting in a makeshift VIP section during Dolph Ziggler's Raw match.