Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 26-28)

It's a big week for ACTING! on superhero shows. Lots of emotional range and big drama. But the best moment of the week was 100% CGI. OK, maybe not the "best", but certainly my favorite.

The Flash: "The Fury Of The Firestorm"

There was a lot of clunky-ass melodrama in this hour of television, most of it involving the West family (dying mom, secret brother) an Barry's fee-fees (moving on from Iris) surrounding the main plot of who will be doing Robbie Amell's job on Legends of Tomorrow and/or establishing a more recent version of Firestorm.

But a lot of that can be forgiven for the glorious comedy cameo at the end and the promise of Earth-2 Wells Drama down the road. Oh, was that cameo great. When they teased it, I was all like, "is this just a name-drop nerd reference", and then when they vlew it off I was all like "yeah this is just a name-drop nerd reference" and then that really long, really awkward monologue at the end kept going on and I thought "this is strange" and then BAM **** MOTHERFUCKING *****!

Anyway, I just realized who Secret Brother is going to be, so I'll forgive the drama a little bit more, but you get one episode, tops, of West family angst before we get to it, OK?

Agents of SHIELD: "4,722 Hours"

This episode was excellent. It was also "excellent". By which I mean it knew it was being Great, Important Television, which detracted a little. Bonus points for the acting and generally writing a fairly pragmatic take on a stranded scientist. And I don't know if or how they could or should have gotten around a lot of the standard castaway beats (hunting! fire!), but they certainly hit them all.

The constant blue filter was both obnoxious and effective, as seen during power its absence had during the few times it was missing. And kudos for Fitz' reaction at the end. There were other options. The writers knew about those other options and misdirected towards those options and then did not take those options, which is good, because I did not want to see those options.

Next week: Very Angry May. I am on board.

Arrow: "Beyond Redemption"

This was a tite, narratively solid hour of Arrow, which I appreciate more after last season. It gets laid on a little thick in spots, but a spiff new lair, the gradual reveal of Ray Palmer's non-death, and a solid if unspectacuar "dirty cop" plot is the kind of thing I want from Arrow. Also, someone remembered that Black Canary has a sonic weapon and put it in the episode, so hurray for that!

The Lance Family Drama was the weaker point of the episode. I mean, I appreciate how they did it, but that's where the melodrama got laid on thick, with lots of ACTING and speeches. Luckily, most of that will get resolved when John Constantine shows up next week.

Bonus continuity points for using Brother Blood's old secret lair in the campaign office. That was pretty clever.