Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 19-22)

This week's Wrasslin' Wroundup should be about the buildup to last night's Hell In A Cell, but someone pointed out that every single match on the PPV last night had also happened at some point in the last few months. As we're about to see, that's not strictly true, but it's close enough to true. So instead, I'm going to talk about the four major debuts this week in WWE, one for each of the four shows.

Monday Night Raw: The Unicorns

Technically speaking, yet another addition to a gimmick isn't a "debut", but when we're talking about The New Day, any new thing they're doing is as relevant as any n ew star on the roster. And on Monday, they started callin themselves unicorns. And putting one extended finger up on their foreheads to simulate a unicorn horn. Because New Day have, in the span of a year, transformed themselves from a deeply racially awkward, forced-upon-them-by=management sort of pseudo-gospel gimmick into quite possibly the single most entertaining act on the roster right now. UNICORN MAGIC.

NXT: James Storm

James Storm joined Samoa Joe this week as the latest TNA long-term talent to jump or be pushed out of that sinking ship to get a Florida paycheck in NXT. Like Joe, they're using Storm's name and gimmick, which probably means he's going to hang around NXT teaching and elevating talent instead of making their way to the main roster with a name and gimmick WWE can trademark. Storm's fine, and he's looking in good shape, and the crowd was excited for him because, well, most of Full Sail's regulars were probably Impact Zone regulars five years ago. But he's not super-exciting or super-new.

Smackdown: Tyler Breeze


Defying all odds, Tyler Breeze appeared on Smackdown on Thursday, despite never having held the NXT championship, and despite having a very challenging gimmick outside of Full Sail. He showed up on MizTV to align himself with Summer Rae (boo) and beat up Dolph Ziggler (yay, in the sense that he's a strong, established star for Breeze to attack). I'm still afraid that Breeze will be in Bo Dallas' spot in a year, a comedy annoying heel who gets beat up for a cheap crowd pop, but we'll see what happens.

Hell in A Cell: Alberto El Rio

Yay? I like Alberto Del Rio just fine. I liked him just fine in Lucha Underground, I liked him just fine in WWE, but I've never liked him more than just fine. He's a decent choice to hold the United States belt while Cena's gone, I suppose. A surprise return of a solid, dependable, not too exciting midcarder. He's clearly been working out since he left Lucha Underground, though - no more wrestling in T-shirts most of the time. The biggest disappointment is that the cases and cases of unbought Alberto Del Rio action figures had finally been shipped off to Big Lots just a short time before his return, so now, if he sticks around, there'll be new ones.

Del Rio's return also heralded the return of Jazzy-bound Zeb Coulter, who was briefly an evil Tea Party caricature, then, with only a few changes in approach, a patriotic American manager, and then shuffled off screen a month or so before the end of the Jack Swagger Experiment during the rise of Rusev. His promo introducing Del Rio was narratively confusing, as befits a returning superstar (cheer for him) who beats the most popular hero in the company (don't cheer for him) that a lot of people hate (cheer for him) through legitimate means (cheer for him) while aligning himself with a (possibly) former racist (don't cheer for him) who once hated Del Rio because he was Mexican.