@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 19-22)

Oh, man. Sometimes these rankings are tough. Especially a week like this, where a couple of perfectly acceptable shows are followd by a couple of killers. You're going along, having a pretty good idea of how things are, enjoying a classic performace by Doug Benson or a strong debut from Tony Hinchcliffe after a couple of off weeks, and then BOOM, Steve Agee, dressed as Frankenstein, commits to awful, awful bits so strongly that you can't help but love him. And Grace Helbig stands out on a show that manages to be better than Agee, Brian Posehn, and Ron Funches all in costumes.

Grace Helbig (W)
Michelle Wolf (W)
Ron Funches (Th)
Doug Benson (T)
Steve Agee (Th)
Tony Hinchcliffe (T)
Nikki Limo (W)
Scott Aukerman (M)
Brian Posehn (Th)
Robert Kirkman (M)
Esther Povitsky (T)
Kevin Smith (M)

Monday's episode is clearly the most skippable, with non- and semi-comedians Robert Kirkman and Kevin Smith doing their thing. But definitely watch Wednesdays for sheer hilarity and Thursday's "Haloween" episode just for Ron Funches' beautifully in-character (as Ric Flair) play in Sweet Emoji.

1. Wednesday
2. Thursday
3. Tuesday
4. Monday