Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 19-21)

An improved "Flash" and ass-kicking Smoak made for a rock-solid week of superhero shows across the board. What is this "Supergirl" of which you speak? There's no "Supergirl" show. Maybe a year from now Netflix will premiere an entire season of a critically acclaimed "Supergirl" show, but a CBS series I'd take a chance on after an awful, awful trailer? I don't believe that.

The Flash: "Family of Rogues"

Now, that's more like it. Of course, any episode with that much Captain Cold in it is gonna be more like it, but the Golden Glider / Cisco thing was handled really well, with Glider gaining a bit more dimension and Cisco not being a sucker.

The stuff about Iris' mother seemed like B-story padding. I'm not sure if I want it to stay that way and just be pointless, or if I want more West family drama in the show. That's a tough call.

In other news, they developed a stable bridge to Earth-2, got busy with the beginning of what looks to be the re-Firestorming, (and apparently leaving Ronnie Raymond dead) and forgot to close the gateway to another world behind them. That, by Flash standards, is an understandable dumb thing to do.

Oh, and Captain Cold is in jail for killing a dangerous criminal, because apparently it's very bad if that happens three weeks in a row.

Agents of SHIELD: "Devils You Know"

They telegraphed the SHIT out of that death. At least the circumstances under which it occurred were both interesting and will lead to interesting character drama down the line. But man, they might as well have had someone drssed as the Grim Reaper hanging over that character's shoulder in their earlier scenes.

Other than that, we have more of the weird hate triangle between Coulson, representing SHIELD, Rosalind, representing Shady Government, and Daisy, representing The Inhumans. Coulson's stuck in the middle trying to make things work, but it's not going particularly smoothly.

Next week, we get Simmons' Alien World story, so if you like bluish-grey, you're gonna be in heaven for probably 35 minutes next week.

Arrow: "Restoration"

The single greatest scene in this episode is Felicity, now head of PalmerTech (formerly Queen Consolidated), getting a technically savvy but nerdy underling to help her gather information for her secret vigilante work, and doing an awful job of lying about it. It's such a perfect role reversal of Felicity and Oliver from Season 1 that I have to assume it was intentional.

The rest of the episode had a perfectly decent generic villain plot (Double Down, who can peel cards off his skin and then throw them. No evidence that he can do the same with a gyro.) This is matched up with Diggle and Ollie reconciling after a perfectly reasonable number of episodes and Felicity yelling at them in another awesome scene.

Meanwhile, in Nanda Parbat, Thea's got Lazarus-induced bloodlust, Sara's alive but a mindless beast for at least another full episode until Constantine shows up, and there's a lot of Thea-Malcolm-Laurel-Nyssa interlocking drama, all of which is perfectly acceptable Arrow stuff.


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The fact that Jeb thinks she's fuckable wasn't enough to make you want to watch Supergirl?

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