Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 12-15)

The slow crawl to Hell in a Cell continues its snail's pace toward mediocrity. I actually thought the PPV was this weekend, and was in a position to tune in live, and it opened with Dolph Ziggler as IC champion and I swear I thought I'd missed something for like 30 seconds.


The worst thing all week has got to be the Rusev/Lana/Summer Rae/Ziggler thing. For months, we've been treated to relationship drama, which they've apparently decided to clumsily abort after TMZ leaked Rusev and Lana's month-old real-life engagement. One can only hope this means better things for Ziggler and Rusev, a return to form for Lana, and the rebanishment of Summer Rae back to Total Divas.

The best thing of the week is the pairing of Neville and Cesaro. They tagged together on both Raw and Smackdown against Sheamus and King Barrett, with hints of future involvement by Stardust and teh Ascension. In some ways, Neville could be a better tag partner for Cesaro than the injured Tyson Kidd, with Neville even smaller and more acrobatic.

The Diva's divison is still foundering, with some decent wrestling being wasted on a retrograde jealousy/trust/betrayal/friendship story that centers around Paige being crazy again. It's doing nothing for anybody involved. , and I hope it's just killing time before whatever programs follow Hell in a Cell.

Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose are relegated to the PPV pre-show next week against the Non-Bray Wyatts, so Dean Ambrose's unfortunate stall continues.

Ryback-Owens, Lesnar-Taker, Reigns-Wyatt, and New Day/Dudleys all continued as per usual with nothing of significance happening.


On NXT, the big events were the debut of Nia Jax and the 20-man battle royale for the new #! contender.

I'm not sure why they held off on debuting Jax for so long, then pulled the trigger a week after Asuka's incredible Takeover debut. Jax looks good, but her match looked like something that was playing to a limited set of strenghts. That said, the NXT women's division doesn't have anyone in the "pure strength" category, but if she's not ready to go, and her weaknesses get exposed to the Full Sail crowd, it could be rough going.

The 20-Man was won by Apollo Crews, setting up a face-face match with Finn Balor for the championship. I expect this to be Balor making Crews look good but eventually winning - Crews is in no position to win the belt, but a solid match could cement his credibility. The match also set up a program between Tyler Breeze and Samoa Joe, which I can't imagine will end well for Breeze.

The 20-man also featured Rhyno being eliminated by Baron Corbin, so expect some of that clogging up airtime for a couple of weeks.