@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 12-15)

The word for the week is "uneven". Some great performances. Some segments that worked great, others that fell flat. Some shows that did the job, and some shows that failed this city. Also, a week with two winners that.. well, I know the wins don't mean anything and the points don't mean anything, but Weinbach's win on Thursday and, to a slightly lesser extent, Oakerson's on Thursday really stretched the limites of even @midnight's fake meritocracy. Shout out to Ashley Barnhill, who brought some lovely dark jokes to Tuesday's show.

1. Megan Neuringer (M)
2. Mike Lawrence (T)
3. Riki LIndholme (W)
4. Ashley Barnhill (T)
5. Kate Miccucci (W)
6. Blaine Capatch (T)
7. Steve Agee (M)
8. Morgan Murphy (Th)
9. Colin Hanks (M)
10. Big Jay Oakerson (Th)
11. Dan Soder (Th)
12. Brent Weinbach (W)

Overall, Mike Lawrence, Ashley Barnhill, and Blaine Capatch on Tuesday is the show to watch, followed by Garfunkel and Oates on Wednesday, although you have to have a high tolerance for singing. There's a lot of singing. Monday's is OK, Thursday's is skippable, although if you love Morgan Murphy as much as you should, it's worth checking out. She swims upstream all 22 minutes, but still, Morgan Murphy.

1. Tuesday
2. Wednesday
3. Monday
4. Thursday